Know hope.

According to this article, the scuttlebutt is that the SEC will re-up with CBS and ESPN for its football broadcast rights.

… Despite owning the BCS rights since the 2006-07 season, Fox has not been able to assemble a regular-season college football package. With the Big Ten, Big 12 and now, apparently, the Southeastern Conference signing long-term deals with other networks, it’s not likely that Fox will have a regular-season package when it begins negotiating a new BCS contract. The SEC is expected to renew with CBS and ESPN.

That’s good.

Keep in mind that the mother of all negotiations is on the horizon.

Swofford has said that the BCS will look for another four-year deal so that its contract will end at the same time as the Rose Bowl’s contract with ABC in 2014.



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3 responses to “Know hope.

  1. NM

    ““The BCS is one of the top two most valuable properties in U.S. sports, with the Super Bowl,” Frank said.”

    Shhh, don’t tell the playoff people that…


  2. Mike

    I really wish the BCS would work out a deal with ABC or CBS. The Fox broadcasts are terrible. Its retarded to have the entire regular season on every network but Fox and then pile all the biggest bowl games on there at the end.


  3. dean

    OH THANK HEAVENS!!!!!!!!
    I will drink a beer (or 6) tonight in celebration of this glorious news.