My 100, 2008 edition

I enjoyed the hell out of coming up with a list of 100 things I was looking forward to last season, so I thought I’d go through the exercise again for this year.

So, again, in no particular order, here are 100 things I’ll hope to enjoy about 2008.  (Feel free to pile on in the comments section.)

  1. Munson’s first glum note about Georgia’s upcoming season.
  2. Nick Saban’s return to Baton Rouge.
  3. Ohio State at Southern Cal.
  4. A. J. Green’s first acrobatic catch.
  5. Mitch Mustain’s mom cheering on her son during garbage time.
  6. Percy Harvin playing against anyone but Georgia.
  7. Clouds in front of the sun, with a little breeze, during an early afternoon game in September.
  8. Blair Walsh’s first kick under pressure.
  9. Noel Devine against Auburn.
  10. Urban Meyer throwing his headset in disgust during the WLOCP.  Again.
  11. Houston Nutt returning to Fayetteville.
  12. Gus Malzahn returning to Fayetteville.
  13. Moreno’s first spin move of the season.
  14. The improved Florida pass defense.
  15. Spurrier’s announcement that Garcia has been reinstated to the team.
  16. The Army-Navy game.  Just like every year.
  17. Cracking the first cold beer at the first tailgate of the year.  Ahhhhh.
  18. Ray Maualuga, badass.
  19. Uga VII’s triumphant introduction.
  20. Finding out whether Paul Johnson’s offense will really work in the ACC.
  21. The dulcet tones of Uncle Verne.
  22. Not seeing David Cutcliffe calling plays for Tennessee this year.
  23. Seeing David Cutcliffe lose ten games coaching Duke.
  24. Figuring out whether more passes get thrown when SMU plays Texas Tech or Tulsa.
  25. Rennie Curran.
  26. The buildup to the WLOCP.
  27. The WLOCP.
  28. The SEC renewing its broadcast contract with CBS.
  29. The losing coach’s presser after the Michigan-Notre Dame game.
  30. The end of the “Georgia hasn’t traveled outside of the South” talk after the Georgia-Arizona State game.
  31. The beginning of the “Florida hasn’t traveled outside of the South” talk after the Georgia-Arizona State game.
  32. Fried chicken.
  33. Kirk Herbstreit’s contortions of logic in explaining which schools deserve to play in the BCS title game.
  34. A strategically located Porta-Potty with a short line in Jacksonville.  (Trust me, some things deserve to be on this list every year.)
  35. The pregame flight of the Auburn eagle.
  36. Every moment of silence from Michael Adams.
  37. Any regular season neutral site game.
  38. Georgia Tech freezing its collective ass off on a blue turf in Idaho in December.  Please, God.
  39. Tennessee playing four of its SEC East rivals after each has had a bye week.  (Not to mention Norm Chow having all summer to prepare for UT.)
  40. The depth of Georgia’s defensive line rotations.
  41. Seeing how Big Ten defenses deal with Michigan’s offense.
  42. The Tuberville-Petrino postgame handshake.
  43. Finding out if Will “Boom MF-er” Muschamp lives up to the hype at Texas.
  44. Rick Neuheisel vs. Pete Carroll.
  45. The dulcet tones of Uncle Ron.
  46. Caleb King’s first big run.
  47. Seeing if FSU and Miami really are just one year away.
  48. Spurrier throwing his visor after the first QB screwup of the season.
  49. Tim Tebow addressing the UN.   Just kidding.  I think.
  50. Thursday, August 28.
  51. Casey Dick, starting quarterback.
  52. Referring to the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party as the “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party”.
  53. Sylvester Croom trying for back to back winning seasons.
  54. Seeing if Mike Leach has a competent defense at Texas Tech.
  55. The vote by vote breakdown of the last regular season coaches’ poll.
  56. My favorite meteor game of the year, every year: Tennessee-Florida.
  57. Sam Bradford’s completion percentage.
  58. Matt Stafford’s growth as a quarterback and leader.
  59. Trindon Holliday with an open field.
  60. The first “Loran, whatayagot?” of the year.
  61. Virginia Tech winning the ACC scoring 14 points per game.
  62. Highway 129 being four-laned all the way from I-85 to Athens.
  63. Filler programming on the Big Ten Network.
  64. Rudy Carpenter versus the Georgia pass rush.
  65. Seeing if Jim Grobe can outcoach Tommy Bowden enough.
  66. Waiting to see if any school pulls off the Appy State/Stanford-level upset.
  67. The beginning of the Bo Pelini era at Nebraska.
  68. It’s likely to be a slaughter, but Southern Cal in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 30th.
  69. Jevon Snead.
  70. MoMass’ first 50+ yard reception.
  71. Life after Soulja Boy.
  72. Life after Ryan Perrilloux.
  73. Seeing if Logan Gray is as fast as I think he is.
  74. The new! improved! tougher than ever! Auburn offense.
  75. Mark Richt’s next motivational move.
  76. T. Boone Pickens’ next financial move.
  77. High definition TV.
  78. The correlation between Emmanuel Moody’s fumbles and Tim Tebow’s carries.
  79. A successful Knowshon Moreno halfback TD pass.
  80. Seeing who gets more hype:  Jimmy Clausen or Terrelle Pryor.
  81. Traditions, no matter how dumb or strange they may seem to outsiders.
  82. A perfect fall day at kickoff time.
  83. Rivalry-inspired farking.
  84. Hoping that Munson gets one more shot at a signature call.
  85. All the Dawg and Gator flags, decals and (occasionally obscene) messages on cars and trucks heading to Jacksonville.
  86. Knowing there’s something to watch on Thursday nights.
  87. The Auburn-Alabama rivalry, and all that that entails.
  88. Finding out if Larry Fedora makes Southern Mississippi fans forget about Jeff Bower.
  89. The end of the West Virginia vs. Rich Rodriguez litigation.
  90. Ben Jones, starting center.
  91. Kentucky relying on its defense.
  92. Speculation as to whether Tim Tebow makes it through the season.
  93. Speculation as to whether Bobby Petrino makes it through the season.
  94. The first sideline encroachment penalty called.
  95. EIAR, B!
  96. Jorvorskie Lane, human bowling ball.
  97. Regression towards the mean, as it applies to Tennessee’s close calls in 2007.
  98. Watching South Carolina’s linebackers try to cover Georgia’s running backs on screen passes.
  99. The Notre Dame Bowl Eligibility Watch – may it come down to the last game of the season.
  100. Finding out how much of a difference that schedule really makes.


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12 responses to “My 100, 2008 edition

  1. NebraskaDawg

    I doubt you have to worry about GT in December, They will be at home picking their nose instead of bowling.


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  3. NCT

    Great list. No. 95 ranks very, very high on mine. As the son of a man whose undergraduate years at the University spanned the 1953-56 seasons (and whose other two sons went to the Trade School), I have waited all my life for the opportunity to match The Drought.


  4. I know once I figure it out I’m going to kick myself for not getting the acronym in 95.


  5. Eight in a row, baby! 🙂


  6. AHHH…I was stuck on trying to make “Eat it another year, B’yotch!” work but the “r” got me.


  7. Always a fantastic read. I’m really interested to see what Bo will do at Nebraska. And as always, monitoring the business activities of Pickens.


  8. dean

    I would like to second a few of the things on the list;
    #17 – AMEN! Beer just taste better when tailgating, especially in Athens.
    #28 – Please lord let this come true.
    # 34 – A man can dream can’t he?
    #42 – AWKWARD.

    Enjoyed the list. Can’t disagree with any of it. Although my list would include seeing the first pair of red pants and the coeds in the black dresses.


  9. Will

    #56 – Ah, Tennessee-Florida. The only game of the year that I wish both teams could lose.


  10. I’m really interested to see what Bo will do at Nebraska.

    Matt Melton’s got some good stuff on Nebraska in this post, if you’re interested.


  11. Appreciate the link. Melton knows his Big 12.


  12. Pierce

    #30….I wish that would end. I mean maybe when we go to Oklahoma in ’09 and possibly Colorado in the following year, people will get the idea. Besides, the best football is played in the South anyway. People don’t want us to travel outside the South because its just a non conference loss for whoever we play.