Summertime, and the schoolin’ is easy…

Chip Towers dribbles out some info he picked up on his trip to Athens:

  • Stafford “… appears to be in the best condition he’s been in since he’s been at Georgia. All I could go by was looks but there was virtually no sign of the pudginess that’s always been part of Matt’s physique. He actually looks taller…”
  • Marcus Washington sounds optimistic.  “Marcus is recovering from shoulder surgery after injuring it again in spring practice. Originally he was expected to miss the whole season but he told me Tuesday he’ll be coming back in October.”

It looks like Chip is taking up some of Ching’s slack this summer.  Good for him…


UPDATE: This exchange comes from Towers’ Q & A with Prince Miller.

Q: Is there any kind of motto or creed you guys live by in the secondary?

A: Don’t get beat deep. That’s pretty much the only thing we live by.

As the acronym goes, KISS.  That’s what they pay Coach Martinez the big bucks for.



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3 responses to “Summertime, and the schoolin’ is easy…

  1. Sam

    Washington may be back by October? That is quite the scoop, and I haven’t heard even a whisper of that from any other source. I welcome a healthy Marcus Washington back to UGA, but I hope he isn’t rushing that return. He has NFL potential, and a full year in 2009, along with time to regain his strength could be very beneficial for his pro football hopes. Either way, glad to hear he is recovering from his injuries and surgery.


  2. jgod313

    I’m not really worried about the kid’s NFL hopes. i just hope he doesnt rush his return for the sake of the dawgs.

    It would be huge to have him as our anchor for our 09 title run. With Ellerbe gone it leaves a big hole in the D. We could use his power and leadership next year.

    It would suck if he comes back for 3 games and re-injures it….


  3. Anonymous

    What’s up with David Ching’s blog, anyway? I thought I heard that he wasn’t going to be covering UGA football anymore, then I heard that it wasn’t official yet. Sure looks official to me as we haven’t seen much from him lately. Any scoop, Senator?