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A few more quotes from Day 2 of CFN’s Experts (whatever) Discussion:

From Just how bad is the Big Ten?

Teddy Greenstein: Is it possible to mentally groan? The Big Ten was down last year, no question. Just ask Appalachian State. Or Western Michigan, which busted a seemingly bowl-bound Iowa. Then there was the Rose Bowl, in which Illinois looked completely overmatched to a USC team that dominated the NFL draft.

I’d actually love to see Ohio State-Georgia for the national title. The disparity at the top of the leagues is not as great as the chicken-fried-steak crowd thinks it is.

From How/why is the BCS better than a playoff?

Richard Cirminiello: Although a plus-one system would be tailor-made for my taste, I’ve never been a proponent of a full-blown, 16-team playoff.  It’s unnecessary for determining a national champion and would diminish the importance of some regular season games.  Who wants LSU getting routed by Arkansas the day after Thanksgiving, yet still qualifying as the No. 12 seed?  If you want to find some beauty in the bloated bowl system, there is something to be said for a few dozen schools finishing the season with a W.  The BCS is surprisingly close to be a really crisp system, if only the powers-that-be could agree on one additional game after the bowls have been played.

From I’m not buying into …

Dennis Dodd: Three teams — Georgia, USC and Clemson.

I had Georgia No. 1 back in January but have since dropped it to No. 2. After talking to Mark Richt that might be too high. There are still issues in the offensive line. The young receivers still have to step up. I’m still not sold on Matthew Stafford and the schedule is a straight-up witch…

From How/why did you get into covering college football?

Fiu: The hair-dos of former Oklahoma star QB, and eventual senator, J.C. Watts and Heisman-winning RB Billy Sims … I’m not joking. As an eight-year-old, whose idol was Dr. J., watching the 1980 Orange Bowl, I thought Watts and Sims (can I do this without going Imus?) had really, really cool hair, and then I became mesmerized with the brilliance and precision in the way they ran the option attack in the 24-7 win over Florida State. In my strange young world, Oklahoma became an even more magical place once Buster Rhymes became a big deal.

Later in 1980, I watched Georgia beat Florida in the epic Lindsay Scott game, and I became a college football fan for life watching every game I could and reading everything I could find about the game. I’ve been researching and training for this gig most of my life.

I gotta admit it’s a pretty badass do.

Billy Sims, running back, fashion statement…



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5 responses to “More punditizing

  1. After talking to Mark Richt that might be too high. There are still issues in the offensive line.

    A valid point. However, nothing tops the “issues” of the O-line in 2003, and that team turned out pretty OK.


  2. Ally

    That’s okay Dennis, I’m not buying into you either.

    I hope CMR, CSS, CWM, any coach for that matter, read that piece and plasters it all over the walls of the lockeroom.

    He needs to have his head examined for simply putting us in the same category as Climpson for God sakes. WTF?


  3. Senator,

    If you’re ever in Tulsa, stop into Billy Sims BBQ joint. He has a 4 foot tall bobble head doll of himself on the counter with full afro. Total comedy.



  4. Joe

    Who is the “Chicken-fried-steak” crowd? What the hell does that mean?


  5. Who wants to see LSU getting routed by Arkansas yet qualifying as the number 12 seed in a playoff?

    How does that compare with getting beat by Arkansas and two weeks later getting a free pass to the national championship game?

    The Cirminiello comment above is a classic case of talking out of both sides of your mouth.

    The crowning of a BCS champion is a classic case of monarchy, oligarchy and monopoly and I think we have witnessed throughout the ages just how oppressive British Imperialism can be on a society through the un-ending down poor of direct and indirect taxation. The BCS is a drain on the system