A couple of SEC bits

  • If logic doesn’t particularly matter, you can expend a lot of effort showing that the Pac-10 is a better football conference than the SEC.
  • The high cost of doing business:  The price we pay to watch college football has skyrocketed. “The average SEC ticket price – including the minimum donations required for the right to purchase season tickets – has increased 80 percent since 1998, from $61.07 to $110.05, according to an analysis by The Birmingham News.” My absolute favorite charge is LSU’s $10 waiting list fee.  At some point in time, I predict a bright AD is going to institute a bathroom fee.


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2 responses to “A couple of SEC bits

  1. flightdocdawg

    It’s hard to believe that AJ Green is already over 200 lbs.
    Kiante Tripp also apparently has gained a lot of weight in no time.
    It seems like Kevin Perez has been the same weight for 3 years. Either he hates Chris Davis’ PBJ diet or he lost his ‘eat free’ card @ Snelling


  2. Dr. Ray

    Yeah, but they also have Rennie as 5′ 11″ so I am guessing AJ is around 190…..still not bad though.