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AJ-C summer stories: dogs, pundits and mamas’ boys

Three items of note posted at the AJ-C:

  • Per Sonny Seiler, Uga VII hasn’t been chosen yet.  Whoever he may be, he won’t be attending Picture Day this year.  Instead, he’ll make his grand entrance at the GSU game.
  • Back from vacation, Tony Barnhart talks to the preseason pundits about the Dawgs’ rankings.  As expected, the schedule’s the thing.  Plus, Steele reveals himself to be very worried about the South Carolina game.
  • And a surprisingly fair minded piece shows up about the student-athlete arrests story that’s been the big news this summer.  Included is this pearl of wisdom from ACC Police Chief Joseph Lumpkin:

Both Lumpkin and Williamson said they are regularly asked by Richt to speak to the football team. Lumpkin said when he does his message is a simple one.

“I tell them they shouldn’t do anything they wouldn’t want to see written about on the front page of the AJC,” Lumpkin said. “Better yet, if they didn’t want their mama reading about it in the AJC they shouldn’t do it. If you did that you wouldn’t have much to worry about.”



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Vegas counts the wins.

I heard Cowherd talking about Vegas establishing over/under on D-1 teams’ football wins on the radio today, and thought I’d take a look at ’em.

As of July 11, here’s how the SEC shapes up (remember, these are regular season numbers only):

  • Florida – 10
  • Auburn – 9
  • LSU – 9
  • Georgia – 9
  • Tennessee – 8.5
  • South Carolina – 8
  • Alabama – 7.5
  • Mississippi State – 6.5
  • Kentucky – 6.5
  • Arkansas – 6
  • Mississippi – 5.5
  • Vanderbilt – 3

Keeping in mind this is all about getting people to lay their money down on both sides of a bet, I’d say Vegas thinks (1) the public is buying the scheduling meme as it pertains to Georgia and Florida; (2) Ryan Perrilloux is going to be missed in Baton Rouge this year; and (3) Tony Franklin will be this year’s Al Borges.

And ‘Bama with a 7.5 over/under?  Tide fans everywhere are reaching for their credit cards as you read this.


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Echo chamber

Riffing off of a couple of items I posted this weekend:

  • Dave Curtis over at The Sporting News takes a detailed look at the safety shuffle Urban Meyer will have to dance as a result of the unfortunate injuries suffered by Munroe and Curtis.  There’s a good point made at the end of the piece about Jerimy Finch’s departure.
  • Over at The Business of College Football, there’s a post up that takes a look at the cost of a ticket (the lowest priced, the most expensive and a ticket for the entire season are broken out) on the secondary market to see a top 10 team play this year.  Ohio State season tickets ain’t cheap, my friends.  But that Ohio State-Southern Cal ticket looks like a relative bargain – and the weather’s probably better.

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