AJ-C summer stories: dogs, pundits and mamas’ boys

Three items of note posted at the AJ-C:

  • Per Sonny Seiler, Uga VII hasn’t been chosen yet.  Whoever he may be, he won’t be attending Picture Day this year.  Instead, he’ll make his grand entrance at the GSU game.
  • Back from vacation, Tony Barnhart talks to the preseason pundits about the Dawgs’ rankings.  As expected, the schedule’s the thing.  Plus, Steele reveals himself to be very worried about the South Carolina game.
  • And a surprisingly fair minded piece shows up about the student-athlete arrests story that’s been the big news this summer.  Included is this pearl of wisdom from ACC Police Chief Joseph Lumpkin:

Both Lumpkin and Williamson said they are regularly asked by Richt to speak to the football team. Lumpkin said when he does his message is a simple one.

“I tell them they shouldn’t do anything they wouldn’t want to see written about on the front page of the AJC,” Lumpkin said. “Better yet, if they didn’t want their mama reading about it in the AJC they shouldn’t do it. If you did that you wouldn’t have much to worry about.”



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4 responses to “AJ-C summer stories: dogs, pundits and mamas’ boys

  1. chefboyardee

    Apropos of nothing, really, just a funny story:

    10+ years ago, there was a string of armed robberies in Athens. When they finally caught the guy, they traced his gun and discovered it was registered to … Chief Jack Lumpkin. The FBI had to get involved and everything. THAT made the AJC, so Chief knows of what he speaks.



    It goes without saying that we wish our players would never run into the law- but hell- it has happened so lets have some fun with this.

    So are we or are we not leading the league in arrests?

    Remember when Hines Ward was arrested for standing in the aisle at Stegman?


  3. Ally

    Huh? I was at UGA when Hines was there and I don’t remember that one.

    And yes, I read the other day that we lead our league in number of arrests, but not in level of offenses. Bama takes the cake on that one. Oh well, can’t win ’em all 😉


  4. HVL Dawg



    1/08/98 Georgia football standout Hines Ward was arrested by University Police and charged with criminal trespass before Tuesday night’s Georgia-Kentuckybasketball game, police confirmed Wednesday.

    Ward, a wide receiver, was arrested at Stegeman Coliseum after ignoring a police order to clear a corridor where he was obstructing accessibility to the game, according to University Police Lt. Eric Gattiker.