Echo chamber

Riffing off of a couple of items I posted this weekend:

  • Dave Curtis over at The Sporting News takes a detailed look at the safety shuffle Urban Meyer will have to dance as a result of the unfortunate injuries suffered by Munroe and Curtis.  There’s a good point made at the end of the piece about Jerimy Finch’s departure.
  • Over at The Business of College Football, there’s a post up that takes a look at the cost of a ticket (the lowest priced, the most expensive and a ticket for the entire season are broken out) on the secondary market to see a top 10 team play this year.  Ohio State season tickets ain’t cheap, my friends.  But that Ohio State-Southern Cal ticket looks like a relative bargain – and the weather’s probably better.

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  1. Yeah, I heard about Flordia’s safety problem. I hate it for the kids but I’ll love it for our chances in November if they’re still green out there.