Vegas counts the wins.

I heard Cowherd talking about Vegas establishing over/under on D-1 teams’ football wins on the radio today, and thought I’d take a look at ’em.

As of July 11, here’s how the SEC shapes up (remember, these are regular season numbers only):

  • Florida – 10
  • Auburn – 9
  • LSU – 9
  • Georgia – 9
  • Tennessee – 8.5
  • South Carolina – 8
  • Alabama – 7.5
  • Mississippi State – 6.5
  • Kentucky – 6.5
  • Arkansas – 6
  • Mississippi – 5.5
  • Vanderbilt – 3

Keeping in mind this is all about getting people to lay their money down on both sides of a bet, I’d say Vegas thinks (1) the public is buying the scheduling meme as it pertains to Georgia and Florida; (2) Ryan Perrilloux is going to be missed in Baton Rouge this year; and (3) Tony Franklin will be this year’s Al Borges.

And ‘Bama with a 7.5 over/under?  Tide fans everywhere are reaching for their credit cards as you read this.



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5 responses to “Vegas counts the wins.

  1. Hobnail_Boot

    If I had 10k to gamble, I’d put it on Arkansas and take the under.

    They are gonna be brutal this year.


  2. dallasga6


    I see that the trade school is at 5.5..
    A little low? I hope it’s too high.
    Your opinion? Thx….
    G.A.T.A.!!!! R.I.P. UGA VI.


  3. The Jackets have two 1-AA schools and Duke on the schedule. I think Paul Johnson’s a pretty good coach, too.

    I don’t think that adds up to nine wins… but I think Tech gets to six this year, unless there’s a rash of injuries.


  4. Ally

    South Carolina gets 8 wins in the regular season???

    I’ll pull a Doug and streak naked on the loop if that happens.


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