What’s a Tiger to do?

In addressing the (often asked) question about why SEC don’t schedule tougher OOC games, John Pennington over at MrSEC.com asks

… LSU won the national championship last year.  They had two overtime losses inside the SEC and still won the BCS title… with a two-loss team.  First time that had ever happened.

What if LSU had played Southern Cal or Texas to start the season?

What if?  Because, gosh yeah, the Tigahs might’ve lost.

Instead, they went slumming with this team.  And we all saw how that turned out.

I swear, even when SEC schools do the right thing, they don’t get credit.



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5 responses to “What’s a Tiger to do?

  1. NM

    Sloppy job by Pennington to forget that game! I hate to think what critics might say about us after this year…

    “While Georgia had an impressive regular season, critics have called into question their scheduling philosophy. Non-conference games included standard SEC cupcake foes — a MAC team and a Division I-AA squad — and while the Dawgs faced two BCS teams, they only topped 3-9 Georgia Tech by 21. Georgia’s most impressive non-conference game was Arizona State, which disappointed this season and barely earned bowl eligibility in the final weekend. It remains to be seen whether the Dawgs can overcome the weak schedule to climb into the title game.”


  2. Ally

    Exactly! Why is it that we don’t get credit for playing in the toughest conference in the country? While we’re busting our asses against the best competition in the country week in and week out, other teams play cupcakes in their own conference and slide into the MNC game…. only to get their asses handed to ’em by an SEC team.

    When there is true parity between the conferences, then people can bitch about a single cupcake on our schedule.

    My God, has anybody seen Climpson’s schedule this year? Not only do they play some creampuffs in their own conference, but they also play 2 div II teams (3 if you count Duke!).


  3. Boz

    “That’s just a hypothetical. And for the record, I, too, would like to see fewer games with Western Kentucky, Northern Illinois, and Appy State, but the fact of the matter is…”

    Did he just say Appalachian State?


  4. peacedog

    Ally, we don’t get credit for playing in “the toughest conference in the country” because:

    1. It’s difficult to judge such things and they fluctuate wildly on a year to year basis.

    2. SEC fans have been crowing for years about how awesome the SEC is, and usually without making good arguments to back it up. This pisses a lot of people off.

    3. There is a trend amongst journalists and bloggers alike to focus on non conference schedules, because it’s the only part of a team’s schedule it controls (outside of which conference you chose to belong to, of course, but that’s generally a non issue for many teams and certainly teams in a “BCS” conference). This isn’t necessarily fair, or perhaps I’d say that people get too fixated on it.

    It wasn’t that long ago that you could barely get anyone to acknowledge that most schedules are set up pretty far in advance, so the nature of a non conference opponent when it is played is not necessarily the nature of that opponent when it was scheduled (UGA scheduled Marshall when it was pretty good, but when they played Marshall was mediocre, tight game notwithstanding; similarly Boise hadn’t quit risen to it’s meteoric hights when UGA scheduled them).

    Also, sometimes it’s impossible to get people to remember facts. I think it was this year, but maybe next, we were originally supposed to play Cincinnati. But the Bengals backed out for a variety of reasons (note, I’m not suggesting they’re scared or anything else nonsensical like that). We were going to play Oregon St one of these years, but they backed out of the negotiations as well (it definately made sense there, as a 2 for 1 was on the table with us getting 2 home games, if memory serves). When these things fall through, you’ve still got to fill the games. But rather than negotiate 7 years in advance, you are suddenly negotiation <4 years out, and it’s tougher to get opponents because most schools already have things filled out.

    I hate hate hate playing 1-AA opponents. But I think we’re playing one next year in part due to a late-in-the-game scheduling rearrangement out of our control. It was unlikely we were going to get a marquee opponent for the game unless a TV network stepped in to broker the deal, and we already had some interesting non conference opponents on the schedule that year anyway. If you’re going to play a patsy, you can argue a 1-AA opponent is just as good as Middle Tennessee St. And they’ll be better in some cases.


  5. Ally

    It was a rhetorical question hon, but thanks. lol.