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Home rule.

What she said. Except for Notre Dame, of course.

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Dawgly factoid of the day…

is a good one.  It comes from Mark Bradley, of all people.

… Urban Meyer is, I believe we can all agree, an outstanding head coach. (His performance in the BCS title game against Ohio State was the single greatest tactical job I’ve ever seen.) In three seasons at Florida, Meyer has lost more road games (five) than Richt has lost in seven seasons at Georgia. [Emphasis added.] Think about that.

OK, I have.  That’s pretty damned impressive.  Even if Meyer is a better point-and-starer…


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Dude, a penny for your thoughts.

You wonder what’s going on in Calvin Johnson’s mind as he works out at Tech this summer with fellow Detroit Lion wide receiver Reggie Ball.


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A pinch of this, a dash of that

Some minor stuff you might be interested in:

  • South Carolina is an early four point favorite over Tennessee.  Interesting line; maybe the kicking game won’t come back to haunt Spurrier in this one this time.
  • Phil Steele is going upscale on us.  He’s got a “media relations assistant”.  Next we’ll find out that he drinks his Diet Mountain Dew out of a glass.  With ice.
  • It looks like we might have our first winner in the new SEC partial qualifier rule sweepstakes – and he’s no surprise.
  • C. J. Byrd would like to be in on the Uga VII selection process.  Who would even think to ask him about it in the first place?

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Today’s Dawg-related question

How do you compile a list like this and leave off Champ Bailey?

(h/t The ACC & SEC Blog)


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You can take the player out of the program…

but, at least in David Greene’s case, you can’t take the program out of the player.

DG, in promoting the Countdown to Kickoff weekend in Athens that he’s hosting with the Stinchcomb brothers on July 18 and 19, did a Q & A that’s posted at georgiadogs.com.  I enjoyed this quote:

Q: The media and fans have lofty expectations for the Bulldogs in 2008. How do 
you feel about their chances?
A: There is no doubt we got the ability.  I think if we stay healthy and bring our “A-game” every week, we got a good chance.  The SEC is a tough league, and we got probably got the toughest schedule of anyone this year.  We all know though, you can’t predict anything in this league.

The interviewer says “their” and Greene talks in “we’s”.  Close your eyes, and he sounds like he’s still quarterbacking the team.  Gotta love it – that’s the mark of a damn good Dawg.


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Chris Low’s SEC blog

Over at ESPN.com, the WWL has hired Chris Low, formerly of The Tennessean, to blog about the SEC.  A couple of his recent posts caught my eye.

  • There’s a good list of the SEC’s most underrated players here.  I’m always interested in “underrated” lists, not just because they draw attention to certain up and comers, but also because they give you an idea of how closely the list maker follows the action.  Low names three Dawgs to his list:  Geno Atkins at #2, Rennie Curran at #7 and Brannan Southerland at #10.  It’s hard to quibble with those.  (Low’s also got lists of the best defensive and best offensive players, if you’re interested.)
  • Maybe it’s just me, but watch this clip and tell me if you don’t sense that Urban Meyer is getting a wee bit tired of talking about Tim Tebow.  Or maybe he’s just tired of Jesse Palmer.  I can grok that.


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