A pinch of this, a dash of that

Some minor stuff you might be interested in:

  • South Carolina is an early four point favorite over Tennessee.  Interesting line; maybe the kicking game won’t come back to haunt Spurrier in this one this time.
  • Phil Steele is going upscale on us.  He’s got a “media relations assistant”.  Next we’ll find out that he drinks his Diet Mountain Dew out of a glass.  With ice.
  • It looks like we might have our first winner in the new SEC partial qualifier rule sweepstakes – and he’s no surprise.
  • C. J. Byrd would like to be in on the Uga VII selection process.  Who would even think to ask him about it in the first place?

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One response to “A pinch of this, a dash of that

  1. David

    Another “blunder” on new CF 09 game.

    Knowshon doesn’t pop up and run back to the huddle. He kind of creeps up and walks back.

    They do have Stafford down though – once you throw a pick, it’s like he can’t help himself and suddenly you’ve thrown 5 more.