Chris Low’s SEC blog

Over at, the WWL has hired Chris Low, formerly of The Tennessean, to blog about the SEC.  A couple of his recent posts caught my eye.

  • There’s a good list of the SEC’s most underrated players here.  I’m always interested in “underrated” lists, not just because they draw attention to certain up and comers, but also because they give you an idea of how closely the list maker follows the action.  Low names three Dawgs to his list:  Geno Atkins at #2, Rennie Curran at #7 and Brannan Southerland at #10.  It’s hard to quibble with those.  (Low’s also got lists of the best defensive and best offensive players, if you’re interested.)
  • Maybe it’s just me, but watch this clip and tell me if you don’t sense that Urban Meyer is getting a wee bit tired of talking about Tim Tebow.  Or maybe he’s just tired of Jesse Palmer.  I can grok that.


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2 responses to “Chris Low’s SEC blog

  1. Actually, Senator, Low has Southerland at #10 bringing the dawg tally to 3.


  2. Yeah – early morning brain fart. I’d already caught that and fixed it. Thanks, man.