Dude, a penny for your thoughts.

You wonder what’s going on in Calvin Johnson’s mind as he works out at Tech this summer with fellow Detroit Lion wide receiver Reggie Ball.



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4 responses to “Dude, a penny for your thoughts.

  1. I don’t know about when they’re working out, but I assume Calvin has already talked with Coach Marinelli saying something to the effect of “You aren’t seriously going to play Reggie are you?”


  2. To answer your question, Senator, I’m going to go with either “Hope you catch better than you pass, dog,” or “Please, God, no wideout-option plays.”


  3. 81Dog

    Reggie BaLLLL, WR, is to Hines Ward, WR, what Reggie BaLLLL, QB, was to Hines Ward, QB.

    Hines: Never lost a game to Tech.
    Reggie: Never beat UGA

    Hines: Set a passing record in the Peach Bowl
    Reggie: got his ass kicked in places like Boise and the Emerald Nut Bowl.

    Hines: would do anything to help his team win
    Reggie: wouldnt even go to class his senior year.

    Good luck to Mr. BaLLLL in Detroit. They’re the Georgia Tech of the NFL. No wonder they snapped him up.


  4. John

    Ball wouldn’t even be able to complete THAT pass.