You can take the player out of the program…

but, at least in David Greene’s case, you can’t take the program out of the player.

DG, in promoting the Countdown to Kickoff weekend in Athens that he’s hosting with the Stinchcomb brothers on July 18 and 19, did a Q & A that’s posted at  I enjoyed this quote:

Q: The media and fans have lofty expectations for the Bulldogs in 2008. How do 
you feel about their chances?
A: There is no doubt we got the ability.  I think if we stay healthy and bring our “A-game” every week, we got a good chance.  The SEC is a tough league, and we got probably got the toughest schedule of anyone this year.  We all know though, you can’t predict anything in this league.

The interviewer says “their” and Greene talks in “we’s”.  Close your eyes, and he sounds like he’s still quarterbacking the team.  Gotta love it – that’s the mark of a damn good Dawg.



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2 responses to “You can take the player out of the program…

  1. Ladydawg

    He is a DGD despite some of his “friends” in Augusta. LOL! I met him on Saturday. He took the time to talk to everyone that wanted to talk to him and posed for endless pics. Nice guy, I hope it works out for him in KC.


  2. JimDawg

    WAKE UP GEORGIA!!!! Atlanta needs a decent quarterback, and David Green is the winningest QB in NCAA history!!!! I would love to see our home state boy return and put on an Atlanta Falcon uniform and turn that team around.

    KC just became one of my least favorite pro teams… What a bunch of morons!!!!

    David Green is one of the best un-used talents in football!!! Hell, I would love to see him return to Athens as a coach or coordinator.
    David Green as well as David Pollack, you will both always be my favorite all time GA football players.

    and GO DAWGS!!!