Checking it twice

It always seems like this is the time of the year for list making.  The season’s approaching, but it’s not quite arrived, the players are working away out of our sight… and bloggers need something to write about.

Here are a couple of good ones.

  • HeismanPundit ranks the fastest players in college football.  It’s worth looking at just to check out that Jeff Demps YouTube clip.  Holy mother of crap, that kid is fast.  My hope is that he gets even faster, so he’ll dump football for track.  Jeff, there’s nothing I’d like better than to be rooting for you to be representing my country in the Olympics.  Just sayin’, man…
  • And Kyle over at Dawg Sports ranks the teams on Georgia’s ’08 schedule in order of toughness.  I know he hates Auburn, but the toughest game of the year? (David Greene disagrees.)  And ‘Bama in Athens tougher than LSU in Baton Rouge, or Florida anywhere?  Chalk it up to reasonable minds differing.  It should generate a good discussion, in any event.


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3 responses to “Checking it twice

  1. S.E. Dawg

    I know Kyle is trying to be realistic, but sure wish he would show a little more optimism. I got depressed reading it. But he does a good job.


  2. RSG

    Demps may be that fast. So was Bob Hayes. Remember what the Packers did to him in the Ice Bowl in 67.


  3. Sam

    Opinions about events to happen over the next five months in CFB should not be taken very seriously due to NO ONE even knowing what players will be healthy, eligible, or full speed for any particular date. But it is fun attempting to be a CFb Nostradamus. I will not bother to rank all games because some cause no, to very little cause for concern, but I do have serious differences with Klyle’s stated order of concerns in 2008 based on what I see now.

    I could look very foolish before the season ever begins, remember I said any predictions are premature, but for fun my Fearsome Fivesome for the Dawgs this year would be:

    1. (Tie) LSU 65% confidence
    1. (Tie) Auburn 65%
    3. Alabama 75%
    4. Florida 80%
    5. Arizona State 85%

    I feel Bama, UF, and ASU are pretty close and a step below LSU and AU. If I had to list a 6 and a 7 I would put SC and TN (in that order) with a 90% confidence rating that we would win. The remainder are between 95 and 99% confidence.

    For the record, I feel UGA will go either 11-1, or 10-2 in the regular season. 11-1 will put them in the SECCG, and 10-2 may get them there, and will definitely win the East as long as one of those 2 losses is not to UF. Odds of going unbeaten with this schedule is 5% or less for all games, and maybe 10% of an unbeaten regular season…maybe.