I beg to differ.

This is an “inarguable top ten list” of D-1 head football coaches?  I don’t think so.

Skip the homer part – Mangino at #4 and Richt nowhere to be seen? – for a minute.  How do you leave Jim Grobe off of a list like that?

Wake Forest winning an ACC championship in the early twenty first century is a more remarkable accomplishment than anything Jeff Tedford’s program has done to date.  And, yes, I know the ACC is down these days, but the fact that we have to contemplate Wake’s ability to compete seriously every year now is as high a praise as I can think of for the man.

Try again, dude.

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    I love a list that two times says, “say what you want about his ethical….”

    Also, I think I’m starting to hate Urban Meyer more than Steve now….wait a second- no I still hate Steve the most. I’m not giving up on hating Steve until he is thoroughly disgraced and he quits SC as a loser.


  2. 10. Tedford? He’s #6 on the list of coaches with the longest tenure at one school without a BCS appearance. His signature win is USC in ’03. He went 8-6 that year with losses to CSU, Utah, Oreg State and a bad KSU team.

    What’s his second best win? Anyone? Anyone? Is beating a 4 loss Tennessee team (after losing by 20 or so the year before) really a signature win? Didn’t he get ranked up to #2 or so and then lose 6 of his last 7 regular season games last year?

    4. Mangino? The hype around him will return to pre-’07 levels after this season. He has to play USF, Texas, Texas Tech, Missouri and OU this year. He only played TTU and Mizzou among that group last year. No way he wins 10 again. 9 would be a stretch.

    As for Meyer. 1 Top 10 finish at UF, and 2 Top 10 finishes overall in his career. He’s a blocked field goal vs. South Carolina from being just another douche bag who wears his head phones funny. Good coach. But #1?


  3. wathcer16

    Was reading the comments and saw a link to this (which is probably why Richt isn’t on that list of 10):



  4. wathcer16

    don’t know why that put a smiley in there b/c it’s not a very good article


  5. wathcer16, you had the colon inside the parenthesis, which WordPress interprets as a smiley face. I fixed it for you.

    Nice catch on the link, BTW. It looks like this guy believes strongly that a good offensive coach makes a good head coach.


  6. “Mark Richt sucks.”



  7. peacedog

    Pretty moronic stuff.

    1. Nobody has called Richt an offensive genius in ages, not in terms of “he is currently an offensive genius” – people certainly still speak glowingly of those FSU days and Richt’s place in them, and anyone who wants to debate that point is free to. But. . .

    2. the fact that most of the players mentioned didn’t amount to much in the NFL doesn’t really help the argument that it was all the players and no Richt at FSU. Certainly, many good and even great collegiate players never amount to anything in the NFL.

    3. Anyone who, in 2007, made all of thse observations and considered them noteworthy hasn’t been paying attention to any non-local/regional news coverage (or, hasn’t been paying attention outside the “sphere of influence” of his or her team). Going back to point #1, but Richt’s offenses have been criticized for years.

    4. Not Richt’s offense in 2007. Just more proof someone wasn’t paying much attention. Of course, the offense did well (the end of the year numbers were pretty good, conference/national “inflation” notwithstanding). Everyone has already praised Richt handing over the play calling duties.

    5. I’m not a huge fan of SEC provincialism. But the SEC Richt has played in has defeninately been a far cry from the one FSU dominated in while he was a coach there. Indeed, frequent disparaging by many in the media of the conference aside, today’s ACC isn’t that conference. I think those FSU teams would have had a tougher go, in general (they would still do well with all those wonderful players and coaches, including less-crazy Bobby, whom I assume is along for the ride in this hypothetical).

    Richt has learned that, to be sure.

    6. The day can’t end quickly enough.


  8. I get the impression Mark Richt must have stiffed this guy with the dinner check once, or something. Check out these two comments:

    Look, Mark Richt is Jeff Bowden with a great defense. The only good move he’s made so far was hiring Brian VanGorder when he got to UGA.

    There is a reason he hasn’t won dick in his time there. His DCs win games for him.

    That’s what you get when rhetoric overcomes logic.

    He’s not a bad coach. If the list were expanded to 25 or so, he’d be on it.

    Fact is that if you’re a head coach who is totally uninvolved in the defense, and your main claim to fame is offensive fireworks, then you can’t be judged highly for what you’ve “accomplished” in the last 6-7 years.

    … Richt made a great hire in VanGorder. He hired him because when Richt was at FSU, he had a tough time dealing with the mighty Central Florida defense. It doesn’t make him a bad coach to not be on this list, but making a great hire doesn’t make him a great one, either.

    Once the OL and the WRs went away, FSU fell like a brick. Richt would’ve suffered the same fate Jeff Bowden did, had he stayed. Instead he used his reputation and great defensive hire to build a good program at UGA.

    He’s a good coach. Not top 10 material. Anybody on this list could better his record at UGA.

    Sigh. Whatever.


  9. Richt-Flair

    UGA has been to 2 BCS bowls since VanGorder left and one an SEC title to boot. Did this guy stop paying attention circa 2005?


  10. Richt is off but Mac Brown is on. That is just wrong. Brown sucks as a coach. Yes, UT has the win in 05, but that was VY. Brown has recruited a massive amount of talent at UT, and has almost nothing to show for it.


  11. Mike (mdr)

    I own that comment thread. 😉


  12. All I can say is that for an “inarguable” list, there sure is a lot of arguing going on in that comment thread.


  13. Mike (mdr)

    F’real. It was fun, but you can only argue with an idiot for so long, you know?


  14. dean

    I didn’t know Van Gorder was at Central Florida. I thought Richt hired him from Western Michigan or some small school in Michigan. Anyway I could care less what some idiot thinks of CMR. I’m damn glad he’s walking the sidelines of Sanford Stadium on fall Saturday’s.


  15. Unbiased?



  16. Mike (mdr)

    BVG was at C.Florida from 94-97. Then he moved on to Central Mich and was actually at Western Illinois when we hired him.