Ranking the BS

Which is the bigger load of hooey – Steve Spurrier’s revisionist history

Spurrier laughed off the idea that turning the Gamecocks into Southeastern Conference contenders would be anything but a gradual, step-by-step process. “Did you think there was a team here ready to win the SEC?” he said.

or Athlon’s fictional review of the Georgia fan base?

Combine the noted fickleness of Georgia’s fan base and its obsession with running backs, and it’s little wonder Moreno got less attention in Athens during spring practice than his new backup, Caleb King.

Tough call.  Spurrier is obviously taking some heat on the recruiting trail about his commitment to the job and the lack of progress the program has made to date, so it’s understandable that he’d like to forget about the overly optimistic assessment of his team he made before the start of last season.  Athlon, on the other hand, just sounds like it’s making things up as it goes along.



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7 responses to “Ranking the BS

  1. peacedog

    That Athlon comment is shameful, both on the part of the person who wrote it and the editor who allowed it to fly.


  2. Even if the Athlon claim were true, wouldn’t it make sense given that Moreno’s role during the spring was more or less intentionally limited?


  3. Groo, Athlon acknowledges that two sentences later:

    [Moreno] finished last year second in the SEC in rushing and has proven enough to his coaches that he was held out of more than half the live action in spring practice.

    It’s just a weird cheap shot.



    Do you think maybe the first half of Athlon’s sentence may be true? Do you remember hearing the home fans boo some of our heros last year?


  5. HVL, the last time I remember boos directed at any Georgia player was at the MSU game in ’06, when some assholes booed MoMass.

    Boy, that pissed me off. But it certainly wasn’t close to being everybody in the stands booing.

    Do I think that some of our fans are fair weather? Sure. But do you think it’s fair to label the entire fan base in that way?


  6. Anonymous

    Tripp Chandler was on the receiving end of some boos himself last year…



    Tripp Chandler and MoMass were exactly the two examples I had in mind. Two hard working dawgs who were boo’ed at home for not catching passes. Ugh, I shiver when I think about it.

    Does that make our fans fickle? I guess not. $10,600 Hartman points says something.

    I need 2!