Tanned, rested and ready…

Mark Richt, that is.

Michael Lough of the Macon Telegraph has the story of Richt’s appearance in Macon last night.  Lots of good stuff in there, but my favorite part has to do with freshman center Ben Jones.

… Chris Davis is leading the way at center, but true freshman Ben Jones is improving and making quite an impression.

“Ben is so mean,” Richt said. “On the field, he’s nasty. He wants to whip you, and he wants to tell you about it afterwards.”

That excited the crowd as Richt chuckled.

“I told him, ‘When you get here, you’re probably going to get into a few fights (in practice),’ ” Richt said. “Ben got his tail whipped a bunch in the spring, but he kept scrapping.”

Feel free to compare coaches’ offseasons with this guy’s story.

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