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It’s pot, meet kettle time in Orlando.

This is rich.

The Orlando Sentinel is being snubbed by a prominent local college football coach who claims the paper’s coverage of a player’s death last spring was inaccurate, the paper reported.

The coach?  You guessed it – Mr. Accurate Resume himself.

University of Central Florida football coach George O’Leary reportedly told a Sentinel reporter Thursday that he would not answer questions because he objected to the paper’s reporting on the death of Ereck Plancher, a freshman who died in March after a workout.

Not that anyone knows what O’Leary’s specific objections to the paper’s reporting are exactly.

O’Leary then issued a statement, the Sentinel reported, “contending there were numerous errors in the Sentinel’s story. UCF officials have repeatedly declined to identify specific errors in the Sentinel’s coverage.”

Ginning up a fight with your hometown paper over its coverage of your program doesn’t strike me as the smartest PR move going – not that O’Leary has ever struck me as someone who handles PR competently.  And it’s not like you can pull off arrogance at UCF the way you can at, say, Notre Dame.



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