Stop it… you’ll make him blush.

Cringe-inducing quote of the day, from everyone’s favorite head coach:

Simply calling Tim Tebow the best quarterback in college football apparently isn’t enough. Gators coach Urban Meyer told a Miami audience that Tebow ”is the greatest player of our era.”

I’m beginning to think this guy’s main goal in life is to become a walking one-man supply of bulletin board material for every school in the SEC.


UPDATE: This is what it sounds like when you talk out of the other side of your ass mouth.

”I just can’t stand individual awards,” Meyer said. ‘The way I measure — and the way people should measure — these great athletes is, `How many championships have they won?’ ”

I don’t know how he keeps up with himself.



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12 responses to “Stop it… you’ll make him blush.

  1. Tebow-

    Alex Smith called. He wonders if you’d be in for a work carpool to Burger King.


  2. UgaMatt

    Seriously….at some point, even Florida fans are going to have to grow tired of Urban’s act. This guy is just the biggest d-bag of our era.


  3. NebraskaDawg

    No Matt, He is the “greatest d-bag of our era.”


  4. Sam

    Tebow is a great athlete, and a very fine young man, but Meyer is either losing it, or just a complete fool. I agree about his comments. Florida is the new ND/Michigan/OSU in being over-hyped. Part of this is Meyer’s fault, the rest is the media’s for not calling him out on his shortfalls. To lose four games last year following an SEC Cahampionship season with their recruiting momentum is just poor coaching. I feel his continuing to expose Tebow with that bubble-gum offense will ocst them any chance they have this year….again. Lousy Defense and a QB that is going to get nicked and dinged is a formula for 3-4 more losses despite their talent.


  5. Mike (mdr)

    I’ll say this, he makes it even more fun to beat Florida, and to watch them lose to other people as well. I think I might hate him even more than I hated Spurrier in the 90’s.


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  9. Oneviewdawg

    It is nice to know Tebow and I agree on how you rate great athletes.

    I also remember Herschelmania which was just as bad or good, depending on your perspective.

    I don’t know about “era”, but much has I hate, just hate to say, Tebow is pretty damn good.


  10. benjamin

    the hate people spew…amazing! And why? jealousy!!!