The class of ’05 has an interesting article up about how the 2005 recruiting class has fared so far.  The results to date are somewhat less than impressive, unless you’re a fan of bad news:

• DE Melvin Alaeze, the fourth-ranked player in the class, currently is in prison for eight years after pleading guilty to a first-degree assault charge.

• WR Fred Rouse, the sixth-ranked player in the class, was kicked off the team at Florida State and later left UTEP. There have been reports that he will try to play for hometown Florida A&M, a Division I-AA program, this fall; other reports have him headed to Division I-AA Jacksonville State.

• RB Jason Gwaltney, the 15th-ranked player in the class, was a backup at West Virginia in 2005 before leaving. He reportedly is enrolled in a junior college in his home state of New York and may try to walk-on at WVU this fall.

• QB Ryan Perrilloux, the 16th-ranked player in the class, was kicked off the team at LSU after repeated rules violations and has enrolled at Jacksonville State.

• LB Tray Blackmon, the 17th-ranked player in the class, has been suspended a few times at Auburn and has played in just 15 games in two seasons. But he is expected to start for the Tigers this season.

• FS Demetrice Morley, the 21st-ranked player in the class, played at Tennessee as a freshman and a sophomore before flunking out of school. He spent the past year in junior college rebuilding his academics and is expected to start for the Vols this season.

Add to that the stories of Jerrell Powe and Callahan Bright, and it’s not exactly inspiring. Plus, there are a number of kids who ranked in Rivals top 30 who have yet to shine on the field, although there can be valid reasons for that (such as USC QB Mark Sanchez).

Just for local reference, here’s Georgia’s 2005 class.



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3 responses to “The class of ’05

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Brandon Sesay is now at Texas Tech. What ever happened to Kearney?


  2. I thought he transferred to Georgia Southern when VanGorder was there. But I don’t see his name on the current roster, so I’m not sure where he’s at these days.


  3. dean

    Is Corey Moon still on the roster? A four star kid (# 12 at his position) and I don’t know if he’s on the roster or not.

    I was extremely disappointed when we didn’t sign Blackmon out of Lagrange . However it looks like it’s worked out for the best, for the Dawgs anyway.

    Fred Rouse is a colossal waste of talent. This guy had the size and ability to be one of the best receivers to play college football in a long time. He just couldn’t get it together upstairs. Could be a millionaire by now if he had his head on straight.