It’s alive!

The Mumme Poll, that is.  There was enough interest expressed by you guys to move this puppy along.  Thanks very much to all who answered the bell yesterday – and to those that haven’t yet, Lord knows there’s still plenty of time to jump in.

I’ll do a little housekeeping with this post, laying out the basic ground rules and mechanics of the Poll.  As we get closer to Week 6, I’ll do some more posting with additional specifics and reminders.

  1. Voting. I’ve set up an e-mail account to receive your ballots.  It’s  Every week (beginning after the games of Week 6 have been played), send me your lists there and I’ll pull them down and compile the results.  Ballots should be submitted between 9:00 AM Sunday and 9:00 PM Monday.  (I won’t use the account for anything else, so don’t e-mail me there with general messages, please.)
  2. Format. I’m pretty flexible on this front.  I simply need to see twelve schools listed and five of those notated in some form or fashion as your top five.  You don’t need to rank the schools in any particular order.  Just to give you an example, here’s what my ballot would have looked like after the bowl games were played last season:  LSU*; Georgia*; Southern Cal*; Ohio State*; West Virginia*; Missouri; Kansas; Oklahoma; Virginia Tech; Texas; Florida; Boston College (* indicates top 5).  See?  Nothing fancy – just make sure I can tell which schools are in your top 5.
  3. Tabulation. I’ll post the results here every Tuesday after the games have been played.
  4. ‘Da Rules. They’re pretty simple, really.  Any ballot that doesn’t contain twelve votes and five top five designations will be disqualified.  And those twelve votes must be for twelve different schools.  You can’t vote for any school more than once on a given ballot.  If you do, the ballot won’t be counted.
  5. The One Commandment. Don’t try to game the system. Please don’t submit a ballot to me that subverts the voting.  Examples?  I don’t want to see a ballot that lists the membership of the SEC as your twelve best teams in D-1.  Or a ballot with Georgia and the eleven lowest ranked teams in Sagarin’s power rankings.  Or a ballot listing any 1-AA teams, no matter how shocking the upset.  Or Duke.  Deliberate stuff like that will get you tossed from voting.

One other thing.  This is an experiment. I have no idea where this will go, so the process is of as much interest to me as the voting is.  You don’t have to provide it, but I’d be very interested in feedback when you submit your ballots.  Let me know why you voted as you did, and why you may have left a particular team off your ballot.  And I’d like to know how long it took you to compose your votes.  I’ll post the most interesting of your comments and the average time it took to construct your ballots on Wednesdays following the vote.

I’m looking forward to this.  I hope you are, too.


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13 responses to “It’s alive!

  1. I’d like to get involved in that. Meant to post on the first post but I forgot.

    So you already know I’m dependable.


  2. Don’t underestimate yourself, Travis. A little self-mockery is a valuable thing, too. 🙂


  3. Matt

    1. Would you really have put Florida on your list last year after the bowl games?
    2. What about the weeks with games on Sunday or Monday? (although usually these teams wouldn’t be ranked anyway, I didn’t look at the schedule before posting)


  4. 1. Yeah, because in my mind it was down to the Gators or Tennessee for the twelfth spot. And I thought Florida was a better team than UT last season – even if Meyer did a crappy job preparing his team for Michigan.
    2. I don’t think there are any Monday games after Week 5, but there may be a couple of Sunday night games on the schedule. I’ll knock the voting times back a day on those weekends.


  5. Dr. Ray

    Count me in too.


  6. Unbiased?

    Love the idea. I’m glad to see that someone is thinking outside of the box, Senator.

    Can’t wait for week 1, but I’m equally excited about week 6 now…

    Hope this works, fingers crossed.


  7. CLTDawg

    I’m on board as well Senator, if you have the room to spare.


  8. DawgHouse

    Senator, please count me in.


  9. Ally

    Please tell me you’re gonna remind us when the time comes. There’s no way I’ll remember to email you 12 weeks from now – sorry.


  10. Unbiased?

    Just one question/suggestion…

    Have you thought of asking others on the blogroll to participate in a similar Mumme Poll with their own readers?

    I think even fans from the Big 12, PAC 10, etc., wouldn’t mind putting in their 12* cents on Sunday towards such a foward thinking idea.

    It might help to have a broader scale and some relativity in this little experiment.


  11. Will

    I’d like to participate, Senator.


  12. SonuvaDawg

    I’m in, if it’s not too late. Do I get some kind of email verification or something?


  13. You’re not too late, SD. We’ll do a practice run after the fifth week of games, so watch for that post to tell you how it will be set up…