More Media Days tidbits

Just some random stuff that caught my eye:

  •’s Chris Low noticed that “the greatest player of our era” wasn’t a unanimous pick for the SEC coaches preseason first team QB.  Since Mark Richt couldn’t vote for his own player, that means somebody else did the honors.  I wonder who…
  • Why do new coaches feel a need to screw an obviously good thing up?  Jorvorskie Lane, one of my favorite players, was underutilized by Dennis Francione (don’t believe me?  Lane’s stats from last year:  780 yards and a Big 12-best 16 touchdowns on just 169 carries.), so what’s the bright idea from new head coach Mike Sherman?  Move him to fullback. Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Lane sounds thrilled by the move:  “There was no hemming or hawing about it,” Sherman said. “He didn’t seem totally pleased with it, but didn’t balk at it necessarily.”
  • And before you get too excited about the media’s predictions for the season, keep in mind two things:  (1) last year marked the first time since 1995 that the media covering the SEC correctly picked the eventual conference champ; and (2) the ACC media prior to this year had chosen FSU to win that conference for the last straight sixteen seasons.


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9 responses to “More Media Days tidbits

  1. Ugh…the Jorvorskie Lane bit sounds just like what you’d expect from an NFL guy trying to pigeonhole college talent into a boring pro scheme. Just completely unimaginative.


  2. chefboyardee

    Senator, is your “I wonder who” sarcastic or genuine? I’m guessing Tuberville … he’s the only guy that beat Tebow and lost to Stafford last year. Unless it’s Spurrier, in Snidely Whiplash mode.


  3. Senator, is your “I wonder who” sarcastic or genuine?

    It’s sarcastically genuine. 😉


  4. Ally

    It had to have been Tubs, right? More importantly, I’d really love to know who Urban voted for.


  5. moron

    Help me…

    How do you get a unanimous pick any how if a coach can’t vote for his own player? Wouldn’t Urban Meyer have to vote for someone else?


  6. Any unanimous pick would get 11 votes.

    Tebow got 10.


  7. Knowing Meyer, he voted for Stafford so that he could have some bulletin-board material to throw at his guys. “See?!? SOMEONE doesn’t think we’re awesome!!!”


  8. Hobnail_Boot

    Ok maybe I’m missing something here, but it was Meyer who voted for Stafford.

    He couldn’t vote for Tebow, and Stafford got the only other 1st-place vote. Isn’t it that simple?


  9. HB, Tebow didn’t get 11 votes. Some coach other than Meyer didn’t vote for him.

    There were several kids, including Moreno, who were unanimous selections. Tebow wasn’t one of them.