Don’t be surprised if they don’t stink.

If you believe, as I do, that Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe has some idea about what he does for a living, then this quote of his about the chances of Paul Johnson’s offensive scheme succeeding in the ACC should be of interest:

“You never see it, you never practice it, you can’t simulate it in practice. No matter how hard you try to show your kids in practice what it’s going to be like, you get in the game and it’s 10 times faster than your scout team could ever show in practice. There’s just absolutely no way to prepare for it.”

Navy scored 24 points on Wake last year.  For comparison’s sake, that’s more than Nebraska, Florida State, North Carolina, Virginia, NC State, Vanderbilt or Connecticut managed.

No, that doesn’t mean that Georgia Tech is destined for BCS greatness next year.  But the Jackets aren’t going to embarrass themselves as much as people think, either.  At least if, as Grobe suggests, they find themselves a competent quarterback.



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3 responses to “Don’t be surprised if they don’t stink.

  1. 81Dog

    They may not stink in the ACC eventually, but I wouldnt recommend any Tech fans start buying those supersaver, non-refundable tickets from Bangalore to Jacksonville in December just yet.

    Even at Navy, Mini-O’Leary took a couple of years to get “his system” going. The Tech offense this year is going to look like a bunch of blind drunks trying to find the bathroom. Maybe Nesbitt will be the greatest option QB since Tommie Frazier, but he might also get hit more than the piñata at a Mexican Christmas party. My prediction for this year? Mini O’Leary is in for a bumpy ride.


  2. I’m hoping Tech snags the ACC’s last appearance in the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl.


  3. Ally

    I hope the only acc win they get is against clemsux. And I hope its a BIG one. Hell I might even wear yellow that day.