Wake up…

Here are a few items to get your morning started:

  • Howard Schnellenberger has a really cool idea.  Too bad it’ll never get off the ground.
  • Usually the “my team will be better this year, but its opponents won’t” school of thought is what you hear from Gamecock fans, but CFN gives a Florida blogger a chance to embarrass himself with the same kind of reasoning.
  • The Birmingham News asks whether we’re in the golden age of SEC football coaches… and finds that there may be another era that can stake a claim to that.
  • The Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Bianchi lays out the case for why George O’Leary is shooting himself in the foot with his shortsighted boycott of the Sentinel.  There’s a great one-liner from the president of the Football Writers Association:  “At this rate, UCF is going to be on Page D8 next to ads for the all-nude dance club.” Well, George kinda looks like he’d make a good bouncer, doesn’t he?


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2 responses to “Wake up…

  1. wathcer16

    As to the Florida round robin, I’m surprised the Gaytors wouldn’t be for it: Just another reason to never leave the state for an OOC game!