Richt on the BCS: “So I’d be careful changing it too much.”

In reviewing what Mark Richt said earlier today at Media Days, I expect that most people will focus on his comments about the You-Know-What, as well as You-Know-Who’s reaction to the You-Know-What, but I was taken by what he had to say about the BCS and a D-1 playoff.

… The BCS as it is, I mean, I’m fine with it. I’m fine with it. Just tell me what the rules are and let’s play by ’em. That’s kind of how I am about that. But, you know, do I think a four team situation would work with the plus one? I think it would work. I think it would work without really throwing our Bowl system into any you know, throwing it off kilter.

Do I think we could do eight? I think eight would be the maximum number of teams you could have and still keep your Bowl system and have something very close to what you have with the BCS without destroying or damaging the regular season.

Our regular season is the best regular season of any sport in America and maybe in the world because every game is so crucial. You lose one game, you might be out. You might not be out, but you might be out. As you’re playing that game, you’re thinking, If we lose this game, we might be out. But after you lose it, you’re looking around, you’re saying, So we still got to keep fighting because we still might be in.

Then last year you lose two, you’re pretty sure you’re out, and then all of a sudden a team with two losses wins the National Championship. So now if you got two losses, you’re still thinking, I might be in, I got to keep fighting. I don’t have to change my goals.

So I like the way it is. If you have too many teams in a playoff, then a regular season game, you might have two teams that play. I always liken, we had Notre Dame Southern Cal a few years ago where they had that dramatic victory at the end with the quarterback sneak. If those two teams were in an eight team playoff system, when that game was over, they might say, So what, I’ll see you here in a couple weeks, no big deal, we’re still in the playoffs.

Well, the way it was, the way we’re designed now, that was just a gut wrenching, heart breaking moment for one team, and total exhilaration for the other team, ’cause you’re still in the race.

I really like that.



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3 responses to “Richt on the BCS: “So I’d be careful changing it too much.”

  1. Kit

    CMR gives me the warm and fuzzies like Barack Obama does to journalists.


  2. Will

    You think that “Just tell me what the rules are and let’s play by ’em” line was referring to the fact that Georgia dropped instead of rising in the ranks in the penultimate poll? I remember getting the distinct feeling during CMR interviews at the time that he was irritated that all previous poll “rules” seemed to be out the window last year.


  3. dean

    I think it was a direct shot at the nonexistent rule of having to win your conference in order to qualify for the MNC game.