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Things we said today.

Some more good quotes from SEC Media Days:

  • BS from Tuberville. It sounds like Tubby does most of his recruiting at Boy Scout meetings and church choir practices these days:  “We don’t just talk about athletic ability. We go out and recruit character and attitude and work ethic, and if you’ve got those three, then athletic ability is a bonus.” Sure, coach.
  • Tuberville ♥ the spread. This offense is the future of high school football.” WTF?  Sounds like the beginning of a bee-yoo-tee-ful friendship.
  • Hip to be square. I don’t know what’s more awkward – Bobby Petrino trotting out street lingo, or the Northwest Arkansas Times trying to sound impressed that Petrino is trotting out street lingo.  Maybe the paper isn’t familiar with all of the usages.
  • I like Mike. Jasper Brinkley’s choice of words was a bit unfortunate.  Speaking of himself getting back into action, he used an interesting metaphor: “It’s going to be like having a dog on a chain and letting him go into a dogfight or something like that,” Brinkley said. Not that he does that, of course.  He’s just heard about it from others.  Or something like that.
  • More BS from Tuberville. He’d like you to believe that he and Petrino are just two regular guys around each other these days.  “Bobby and I have talked many times since then. Since he’s been head coach (at Arkansas), we’ve talked several times at meetings.” Coach, telling a guy “I think you dropped this” isn’t really talking.
  • Best of all, no ads on the jerseys. “You know, other than the NFL, there’s no better football league in the world, because we’re pretty much the only ones that play it now that they’ve disbanded NFL Europe,” Kentucky coach Rich Brooks said.


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In case you were wondering…

First day of practice for all 12 SEC teams:

Alabama – Aug. 1
Arkansas – Aug. 4
Auburn – Aug. 2
Florida – Aug. 4
Georgia – Aug. 4
Kentucky – Aug. 5
LSU – Aug. 4
Ole Miss – Aug. 4
Miss. State – Aug. 3
South Carolina – Aug. 1
Tennessee – Aug. 2
Vanderbilt – July 31

(per Pat Dooley’s blog)

The sooner, the better…

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Be honest.

You’ve all had days when you felt like this, right?

And I would have been surprised if this hadn’t been in the story:

She says he was intoxicated.

Serenity now…


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Saturday roundup

As the image of SEC Media Days recedes in our rear view mirrors, here are a few items for today:

  • I’m not sure if a headline like this says more about Spurrier or the South Carolina program.  Either way, that’s not meant as a compliment.
  • Paul links to a very complimentary article about Mark Richt that comes out of enemy territory.
  • Is this the next big thing(h/t AOL FanHouse)
  • Sunday Morning Quarterback sells out.  Great site; I hope he’s on to bigger and better.
  • I guess we should take this as a sign that somebody in Montana’s heard of the Dawgs.
  • How does Les Miles feel about making the big bucks“I’m embarrassed by it,” Miles said. “If I had my father alive, he’d say, ‘You’re not worth it.’ I’d say he’s right.”

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