Be honest.

You’ve all had days when you felt like this, right?

And I would have been surprised if this hadn’t been in the story:

She says he was intoxicated.

Serenity now…


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7 responses to “Be honest.

  1. Evidently idiocy has reached epidemic proportions. Look what happened in the foreign country I live in called Michigan:


  2. Patrick (the pater familias)

    I’m having one of those days right now.


  3. That’ll put a damper on the honeymoon.


  4. Patrick (the pater familias)

    Oh, and what a cool name: Walendowski. Think about it.


  5. Patrick (the pater familias)

    Cindy, wonder if she realized what she was getting into. That’s at least four assaults in one day for the family she just married into.


  6. NCT

    You can take a gun onto a Marta train (thanks, Sonny), but you can’t shoot your own lawn mower in Wisconsin? What’s up with that?


  7. I don’t know, but evidently you can’t shoot squirrels in Buckhead either. Some old guy did it and went to jail. At least that’s what the AJC said in a news story about a month ago.

    It scared me when I read it, I thought for a moment I was about to find out my sweet old Daddy was in prison.