Your Sunday buffet

Feel free to choose whatever you’d like from the bar.

  • Georgia Tech couldn’t stop Georgia’s momentum.  Hawaii couldn’t stop Georgia’s momentum.  Ah, but the press?  That’s a different story.
  • Tim Tebow.  Tim Tebow.  Tim Tebow.  Per Rece Davis, ESPN is incapable of laying off the talk about the GPOOE™.  Your surprise is duly noted.
  • This may be the saddest thing yet I’ve heard the OBC say about his football team:  his first team at Duke had more confidence in its ability to compete than the ‘Cocks did.
  • How will spread option quarterbacks fare in the NFL?  Who knows?
  • Ching says it’s a golden age for SEC football.


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5 responses to “Your Sunday buffet

  1. I hate to be too critical of Tim Tebow because quite honestly he seems like he’s a stand up kid and as the mother of two teenagers, I admire that.

    That being said, I get tired of Georgia athletes getting short shrift in the media. I’m getting old so I might not be completely accurate in this, but if I remember correctly, David Greene’s stats were as good or better than Payton Mannings, yet he never got the recognition he deserved. Same with Stafford. Why is he in the shadow of Tebow? I just don’t understand.

    I swear ESPN has a bias against Georgia. I was ready to throw large objects at my television set during last year’s bowl game against Hawaii. So, I didn’t throw anything, but I did cuss like a sailor which is a bad sign, because I have a better vocabulary than that…but frustration brings out the four letter words in me.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    Manning was 851-1354 (62.9%) for 11201 yd, 89 TD, 33 INT. He was 39-5 as a starter and was a 2-time SECCG MVP.

    Greene was for 849-1440 (59.0%) for 11528 yd, 72 TD, 32 INT. He was 42-10 as a starter.

    They’re both all-time SEC QB’s but the slight nod goes to Peyton.


  3. Ally

    But the big nod goes to Greene as the winningest QB in NCAA history.

    And Cindy, I think you mean FOX network – those were the big donkeys that broadcasted the Sugar. Good God, that was indeed miserable. Nevertheless, you’re on the money when talking about an espn bias, no doubt.


  4. You’re right. It was FOX (see I told you I was getting old and forgetful) But I generally hate ESPN’s coverage too.

    In fact, outside of Munson, I don’t think anyone should be allowed to comment on or call a Georgia game except Verne Lundquist. I love how Wickipedia says he had a “man crush” on Greene and Pollack.

    Of course, Keith Jackson was pretty awesome too, but alas he’s with us no more…I mean retired, not dead (I don’t think)


  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I don’t mind that Georgia isn’t getting as much attention this preseason as they could be, and I especially don’t mind that Florida is getting more. It puts the burden of higher expectations on the Gators, and who knows, it may give our guys some nice bulletin-board material to get fired up about.

    In fact, my fondest hope is that sometime between now and the end of October, a columnist for some newspaper down in Florida will write a piece about how UGA-UF still isn’t a rivalry despite the celebration and Georgia’s win last year. Surely Franz Beard has some pull with the media down there, doesn’t he?