Don’t be a hata, Jim Rome.

Damn… Florida’s got the better gameplanner, the superior program, superior athletes and the superior system.

So how in the hell did Meyer’s boys lose last year?


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41 responses to “Don’t be a hata, Jim Rome.

  1. I wanna spew. Who is this Rome bag anyway?


  2. NebraskaDawg

    Uh-Oh, If Rome says it, it must be true. We better watch out cuz the “greatest coach of our era” is pissed!


  3. Robert

    I guess he forgot to mention that 9-4 thing.

    What an idiot.


  4. JDawg

    Huh. I wonder what he said about it last year. Actually, I’m curious if the folks who thought it was fine last year (like certain ESPN announcers) will change their minds after all the hoopla that’s being made about it.

    I sure hope we beat Florida again this year. Is it true they have a week off before us again?


  5. TomReagan

    What that game did was put UGA/UF in place as the top rivalry going in college football.

    FSU/Miami–> UF/Tennessee–> OU/Nebraska–> OU/Texas–> anOSU/Michigan–> UGA/UF

    You don’t get two minute segments for Halloween games during the offseason very often. If we both hold up our end of the bargain during the early season, this will be the biggest non-title/non-bowl game ever.


  6. I can’t comment because everything I want to say is really really mean and contains A LOT of swear words pertaining to Jim Rome, his opinions and Urban Meyer and his hurt feelings.

    Oh all right….

    Jim Rome? What a douche bag! <—-Sorry I have tourettes.

    And re: Urban Meyer, if excessive celebration after a touchdown is his idea of being severely dissed, then he better stock up on Pampers and formula because he is a BIG baby.


  7. Rob

    I didn’t need this to hate Rome.. he’s a douche… he’s jumping on Florida’s bandwagon because, apparently, Meyer’s now a clone since he referred to himself in the 3rd person.

    By bringing this up again, ole’ Urban is just giving UGA motivation. Dawg’s take ’em this year just on that alone. The curse is reversed, the skunk’s off.. it’s Georgia’s turn.


  8. People who point on the logical flaws in Rome’s rants miss the point. Rome is a national version of Finebaum: He plays both sides of the issue to get people on both sides talking about him. That’s the objective; making sense isn’t.


  9. travis fain

    That guy’s still on T.V.?


  10. dean

    So allowing your QB to get sacked 6 times, allowing Moreno to rush for 188 yards and allowing your secondary to get lit up is a superior game plan? Or was that because of the superior athletes?

    UF doesn’t have a bye before the WLOCP this year. They have a bye week after LSU then play UK before the dawgs.


  11. NM

    “So how in the hell did Meyer’s boys lose last year?” — Don’t you remember, Tebow was hurt! I believe he had to play in one of those basketball wheelchairs while performing open-heart surgery on himself with two broken arms.


  12. Here’s hoping Richt plays this clip at every single practice between now and the end of the season.


  13. Pierce

    Wow, how do ignorant people like that end up on tv? Yeah they have such a better program since you can’t credit UF with any success prior to the 90’s. Such better system when the coaches at UF throw their head sets when things don’t go their way and coaches at UGA sit down and coach. Everybody bow down to great Jim Rome. I hope he reads this, stay at home and drink some Drano you pointless piece of crap.


  14. jim rome is burning in hell

    funny how this becomes a big deal what uhh, 10 months later? if urban meyer gave a shit then, then it would have been a problem. coach meyer uses this genius stunt to get his team recognized. and it’s pathetic. i vote we get some crazy georgia fans in the end zone to celebrate on nov. 1st.


  15. Mike (mdr)

    We should roll out James Brown’s corpse on a giant float with a live band playing the chorus of “Get Up” after we score our first td this time around. Have James dancing “Weekend at Bernie’s” style wearing a black cape with a bigass G on it.

    I hope we hang 50 on ’em.


  16. Eric

    That’s Jim Rome for ya.


  17. Mikk

    I can’t help but find this funny. Every sports fan in America knows what a moron Rome is and now he is defending urban and the gators. I definitely would not want him backing the Dawgs. This is an omen for the gators. Between May, Corso and Rome picking against us we should win every game. Because everyone knows those 3 have stellar records at picking winners.


  18. Thomas Brown

    How the Hell did Urban Whining Crybaby and Heisman Trophy QUARTERBACK (uh, hmm running back) Lose 4 of the 5 games they played last season against the Final AP Poll Top 25 ?

    If he had not been injured, Florida would have Won – it goes. We scored 42 points on Florida. 42. I was not aware that was Tim Tebow not injured, that he would have played DEFENSE against us.


  19. Chris A

    Rome is a big flaming pile of gator dung. He has a history of hating on Coach Richt. Remember that article that came out that talked about Richt recruiting a player and how they played ping pong at Richts home? Flaming Rome had an issue w/that and made fun of Richt for running a clean program. What a dork. I guess when FL jumped on LSU’s logo last year that was fine or the jumping around against Michigan. Like the above post I hope Richt plays this all week prior the WLCP.


  20. Eh, Rome being Rome. Not surprising he’s decided to hitch his wagon to the sexy loser.


  21. Jim Everett's Best Friend

    Where is Jim Everett when you need him?


  22. baltimore dawg

    take note, gator people: when jim rome lines up in your corner, you ought to take stock of who you are.


  23. UgaMatt

    Hmm….striking similarities between Rome and Urbs: too much time in the tanning bed, too much hair gel, too much hot air when put in front of a camera. I guess the question now is does Rome have a history of shady recruiting and never staying at the same place for more than 3 years too?


  24. Bulldawg24

    Explain this Jim Rome, how is Florida the better program and team if they were the only SEC team to lose their bowl game this year. Arkansas only lost theirs because McFadden had no reason to play due to his future NFL draft. Florida lost an EMBARRASING game to Big-10 Michigan. Way to represent the SEC.


  25. fred russo



  26. AceG8tr

    “So how in the hell did Meyer’s boys lose last year?”

    Infants on defense. Don’t worry guys, it won’t happen again. They’ve grown up. 16-3 after this year. 🙂


  27. Chuck

    Ace, tell me about how those DTs have grown up, and how’s the safety position lookin’? 😉


  28. AceG8tr

    Ahhh, an *informed* Dawg. That’s a switch! 🙂

    Safety might be a problem–excellent question. We’ll have to see.

    I think the D-Line will be OK. Be a good matchup with Moreno, though. We’ll have fun, won’t we!


  29. UgaMatt

    Let me make sure I’m getting this straight. Florida’s young defense will be better, but UGA’s offense that started 2 freshman OL, a sophomore OL, and a freshman RB won’t be?

    For all the talk of how young Florida was last year, UGA was just as young. I anticipate that Florida will be young for a while though, as their upperclassmen will either go pro, or get tired of Urban’s act and leave (if he’ll let them out of their scholarship).


  30. AceG8tr

    UgaMatt: See now that’s where you lose me. Urban’s “act?” The players all love him! He doesn’t have an “act” any more than Richt does. They both are quality coaches who turn out good players and good citizens. I have to laugh when I see all of our rivals ranting and raving about his “act.” I think the problem with his “act” is that he keeps beating them!

    Regarding your D, I never said you wouldn’t be better–just that our D will be. And our D had more room to improve than yours did!


  31. hometeamdawg

    Give me a minute to drag out the laundry list entitled, “Why UF lost to UGA.”

    1. Tebow hurt.

    2. Infants on D.

    3. UGA danced.

    4. Light in the fridge burned out.

    5. Injuries.

    6. Wardrobe malfunction.

    7. Officiating.

    8. It’s the economy, stupid!

    9. Long bus trip to Jacksonville.

    10. Voodoo curse paid for by Vince Dooley.

    11. Uga VI made a deal with the devil.

    Altogether now,

    Point, stare, hold out arms, hitch pants, throw down headset, repeat…..


  32. mableton dawg

    Mike (mdr) – that had to be the funniest reply that I have ever read! Go Dawgs!


  33. Pierce

    haha i sent that video to dannell ellerbe and cj byrd on facebook…..we’ll see how they respond.


  34. Pumpdawg

    Do they call his show “Rome is burning” because he’s a flaming fag?And Ace,Why did you just go back 18 years when you compared wins and losses?Let’s go back to 1915 when it all began.The Dawg’s are still up 46-37 overall.


  35. wathcer16

    Pierce, send it to #24 as well since he was specifically called out!


  36. Will

    That clip of Rome is just so obviously trying to stir up sh*t that I can’t even get mad about. I was actually laughing by the end of it.


  37. Pierce

    haha i would if i had him on facebook, but i don’t…i can sure try.


  38. Thomas Brown

    The 1 crocodile fan acts like all he Lost was to UGA last season. Excuse me, you losers – you Lost 4 of the 5 games you played against the Final AP Poll Top 25.

    You cannot play football like UGA does.

    UGA has room for improvement on Offense crocodile fan ?

    We scored 42 points on Florida last game. How many do we have to score before we are pretty darn good on Offense ? Go ahead and tell us sir.

    Florida does NOT have a Winning Record over UGA the last 4 years in Jacksonville’s Gator Bowl.

    Florida has a 37-47-2 Losing Record to UGA in Football and Florida has a 35-40-1 Losing Record to UGA in Football at Jacksonville’s Gator Bowl.


  39. Thomas Brown

    You are also 2-7-1 in Football against UGA not at Jacksonville’s Gator Bowl.


  40. Thomas Brown

    I don’t know about PICKING WINNERS Mikk, but they are pretty good at PICKING WHINERS.


    Let me explain why we LOST 4 of the 5 games we played against the Final AP Poll Top 25.

    Let me tell you Tim Tebow was injured (He would have played Defense and therefore NOT given up 42 points.)

    Let me tell you Florida is better in football, just not recently for the previously mentioned EXCUSES.

    And, not all-time either.

    Just for that 1 moment in time from x to x, not today and not all-time either.


  41. Pierce

    it doesn’t matter how hurt Tebow is when he’s lying on his back more times in one game than he had the whole season up to the Cocktail Party.