Opening the floodgates?

After three years, the SEC has finally cleared Ole Miss recruit Jerrell Powe and will let him see the field of play.  This comes as a result of the recent change in the conference’s partial qualifier admission rules.  It will, of course, be interesting to see what happens with the next candidate… and the one after that.

And if you think this is something the conference wants to direct much attention to, ask yourself why it waited until after SEC Media Days wrapped up to make the announcement.  Although with the craziness of last week, maybe less notice would have been paid than was likely expected.


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2 responses to “Opening the floodgates?

  1. Ally

    A twenty-one year old freshman.

    Party’s at Powe’s dorm.


  2. Ally

    My previous comment was a joke and one I now regret. I just read the article and specifically Jerrell’s statement. He may be suffering with some learning disailities & ADD, but he doesn’t suffer a lack of perspective, respect, and humility. The fact that he’s hung in there for 3 years, pursued an education, and met all of the requirements from the SEC & Ole Miss speaks to his character & ambition to succeed.

    Best wishes to Jerrell, along with my apologies for a joke of poor taste. To speak to the issue at hand, if other partial qualifiers are like Jerrell, then I think the SEC should be proud to have them as student-athletes at any of the conference’s Universities. The most important thing here is that he, and any other partial qualifier, capitalize on his/their opportunity to earn a college degree.