It’s a miracle!

It is, brothers and sisters!

Stephen Garcia could return sooner than expected!  Praise the Lord Evil Genius!

Never underestimate the power of prayer, repentence and clean living in Columbia, South Carolina, friends.  And Tommy Beecher – don’t get too comfortable.

You tell me if a picture is worth a thousand words.  (Photo courtesy Tom Hauck/Getty Images)

You tell me if a picture is worth a thousand words. (Photo courtesy Tom Hauck/Getty Images)


UPDATE: Evidently it’s possible to repent without being modest.


UPDATE #2: Good publicity, bad publicity.  At least you hope they spell his name right. (h/t The Wizard of Odds)



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4 responses to “It’s a miracle!

  1. Ally

    If anyone is shocked by this or actually believed Tommy Beecher would be the heir apparent to the great BM, then I have some valuable swamp land in 5 points for sale.

    He’s the lamecock version of Ryan Perrilloux. He’s bound to screw up again & due for another arrest within weeks.


  2. wathcer16

    Still don’t understand how those pot charges were dropped when the guy ADMITTED it at the time of arrest…now they come back and say there isn’t enough evidence b/c he was clean in his drug test 2 DAYS later?! Everybody knows you can go to certain shops and get drugs that clear up traces of marijuana in a few days.


  3. dean

    The only thing shocking about this is that took this long. I just had a feeling he was not going to miss any of fall practice. And let’s all guess who’s going to be the starting the QB on 9/13. Not that its going to matter.


  4. Ally

    Dean: ditto.

    Watcher: I laughed at that too. Especially given that the test was administered at SCUm. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the prosecutor is a crackolacka alum and MAJOR booster. Conflict of interest? Of course not 😉