Mack Brown’s new math

I had no idea an eight team D-1 playoff would be this much of a money gusher:

“We’re leaving money on the table,” Brown said. “Only 16 schools made money in the athletic departments with Division IA football teams last year. That means 104 had to get money reimbursed from the university to have an athletic program. So we’re going to have to find more money…”

So the goal is to get 104 athletic programs out of the red with a football playoff.  Good luck with that one, Mack.

Then again, that might actually make more sense than this.

“And I’d like to have fans who are excited about the FInal Four, excited about the NFL playoffs and excited about high school playoffs to be excited about the BCS playoffs instead of just having two teams who might have won a conference with eight wins show up in a BCS game…”

I have no clue what he’s getting at there.  Ol’ Mack might want to go back and count the number of regular season games the reigning Super Bowl champs lost, though.

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