Mark Bradley: riddle me this.

I honestly don’t get Mark Bradley’s point to this exercise, but since he’s asking questions, I’ve got one to add.

Given this

The Yellow Jackets could begin the season with no one older than a sophomore starting at the so-called skill positions: quarterback, running back and receiver…

how realistic is it to expect Tech’s offense to be the functional equivalent of what Georgia faced in the Sugar Bowl in ’05?



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4 responses to “Mark Bradley: riddle me this.

  1. JasonC

    Georgia did beat a spread option team last year if I recall… Florida.


  2. dean

    If I recall WVU was really the first “true” spread offense we faced. Florida was still working out the bugs of their new offense and Meyer couldn’t run it like he wanted with Leak as the QB. Even then it wasn’t necessarily the WVU spread that caused us problems as much as having our heads in our a$$es. We spotted’em 28 points and still were a fake punt away from at least tying it up. Anyway Jim is correct with his answer to your question – ZERO! To my knowledge Tech doesn’t have a tandem like White and Slaton. Not that Tech is gonna suck or won’t be competitive but no where near WVU of ’05.


  3. 81Dog

    I think it’s foolish to assume Coach Richt, Coach Martinez, et al, didnt learn something about handling the option from that unfortunate Sugar Bowl game. Nothing is really new, anyway. The Texas wishbone was unstoppable….until someone figured out the correct alignment/assignments to match up with it, and then it disappeared. Option football is all about setting up mismatches and blown assignments…just like every other version of offensive football.

    If Tech fans, or impartial observers like Mark Bradley, think Mini-O’Leary is going to revolutionize BCS conference football with his flexbone, fine by me. I heard the same tired BS about Boise State’s innovative offensive scheme in 2005, and Hawaii’s in 2007. Neither of those programs were in their first year of the system. Both were run by players who fit the system and were used to winning. Scheme only beats talent when talent is undisciplined. You know what happened. We beat them both like they stole something. Everyone has an opinion, and mine is that we are going to beat Tech so badly, they’re going to fondly look back on the days when Chan Gailey at least gave them a chance to win.

    My response to the harbingers of flexbone doom is simple: See you in November. I dont care if Mini-O’Leary runs his mouth. June Jones ran his mouth, too. Then his team got drilled and he fled for SMU. Little Paulie is going to find out he isnt in Annapolis, or Statesboro, or Kansas any more. Me, I cant wait.