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Maybe it’s Tech that’s overrated.

Brent Thomas thinks Georgia is overrated as a preseason #1 in the coaches’ poll.

“I don’t understand how they can be ranked No. 1,” Thomas said. “They didn’t win their division last year. They lost to a team that didn’t go to a bowl [South Carolina]. Their big triumph was beating Haw-a-ii, who’s in the WAC.”

Who is Brent Thomas?  Brent is a freshman at Georgia Tech who may want to take a logic class.  Unless he really believes that his school, which also lost to Georgia, was a lesser opponent than the school from the WAC he mentions.



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Good news on the Munson front

From the AJ-C:

August 1, 2008

The Munson family wishes to update the Bulldog nation on the health of Larry Munson. On April 4th of 2008, Larry had surgery to repair a subdural hematoma. The surgery was performed at St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens. The surgery went very well. A couple of weeks later Larry was moved to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA to continue his rehabilitation process.

Currently, Larry is in his final weeks of rehabilitation and expects to make a full recovery. Larry has every intention of calling the Georgia home games this season and is ready for the football season to begin. In order for Larry to uphold the great Georgia tradition of calling the play by play for your Bulldogs, he will have to limit speaking engagements, autograph sessions, and interviews so all his energy can be focused on calling the games.

The Munson family wishes to personally thank all the doctors, nurses, and therapists at St. Mary’s Hospital, the Shepherd Center, and Athens Regional who have worked very hard to help Larry make a full recovery. The family would also like to thank his employer Cox Radio and the University of Georgia for being so understanding at such a crucial time in Larry’s life. Thanks again to all the fans that sent cards and letters wishing Larry well.

Go Dawgs!

The Munson Family


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Friendly fire

Sometimes you don’t have to beat up on a rival, because the rival’s fans do the job for you.  And do it better, for that matter.


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High expectations

It’s official – the Dawgs are ranked #1 in the preseason USA Today Coaches Poll.  As the paper notes, it’s the first time ever that Georgia has been ranked #1 in a major preseason poll.

On a side note, maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not seeing a Spurrier vote for Duke this time around.

You can read USA Today’s write up of Georgia here.  My favorite quote from the piece reveals that Katharyn Richt has better game awareness than Patrick Nix and Reggie Ball combined:

… Katharyn works on the sideline during games. “She can pour two cups, know that it’s a first down and 9 and where the ball is, and pass out cups at the same time,” cornerback Asher Allen says.


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Psychology, narratives and expectations: will 4-15 matter?

Over at Saurian Sagacity, Mergz takes a look at the Georgia-Florida series – more specifically, at each fan base’s attempts to define the ebb and flow of the series.

… When it comes to something that should be as obvious as a win-loss record, it is apparent nothing is obvious when the Gators and Dawgs are involved.

But I have to give coach Richt, and Georgia fans, credit for finally trying to change the narrative of this series. The “2 of the past 4” meme is taking hold on Georgia Blogs and message boards, and it seems to be gaining traction. And it shows a definite change in their thinking.

As a Florida fan, I can admit the previous narrative regarding the series record was, well – somewhat artificial. But Georgia fans bought it, and that was all that mattered.

I’m not sure what we “bought”.  2-15 is, after all, 2-15.  And whether we like admitting it or not, there was a funky miasma around the games during that stretch.  It didn’t seem to matter who was coaching Georgia, who was coaching Florida (the Zooker is still 2-1 against Richt), who put more talent on the field or which team had more at stake, the result the vast majority of the time was the same.

But let’s face it:  towering over this retrospective is one Steven Orr Spurrier.  The Dawgs were 1-11 against Spurrier-coached Gator teams.  Since Spurrier’s departure for greener pastures, here’s how the two programs have fared overall (courtesy of Middle Dawg @ DawgRun.com message board):

Georgia’s record:

2002 13-1 (SEC Champs) (#3 AP/Coaches Polls)
2003 11-3 (SECCG) (#6 Final Polls)
2004 10-2 (Lost Tiebreaker for Atlanta) (#7 Final Polls)
2005 10-3 SEC Champs (#10 AP/Coaches Polls)
2006 9-4 (#23 Final AP Polls)
2007 11-2 (Lost Tiebreaker for Atlanta) #2/#3 Final AP/Coaches Polls

Florida’s record:

2002 8-5 (#24 Coaches Poll)
2003 8-5 (#24/#25 AP/Coaches Polls)
2004 7-5 (#25 Coaches)
2005 9-3 (#12/#16 AP/Coaches Polls)
2006 13-1 (SEC/National Champs)
2007 9-4 (#13/#16 AP/Coaches Polls)

Cumulatively speaking that’s 64-15 vs. 54-23.  Georgia finished with a better record in five of those six seasons.  Georgia has five top ten finishes in that time; Florida has one.  Georgia has three SECCG appearances, with two titles, to Florida’s one (to be fair, that one comes with a MNC).

Yet, head to head in that period, it’s Florida 4, Georgia 2.  Now, granted and as sad as it may seem, that’s a huge step up from the record during the Spurrier era, but it’s not exactly what you’d expect given the overall accomplishments of the two programs in the last six seasons.  So how to explain the disparity?

Keep in mind in considering that question that it’s not just a disparity of results in the WLOCP I’m referring to here; there’s a disparity of perception about the programs, as well.  Just ask Stewart Mandel and his friends from Montana.  Or the members of the media covering the conference at Media Days who voted the Gators the overwhelming favorite to win the SEC East.

Because of that, I think this whole “three out of eighteen” versus “two out of the last four” debate has more merit on a wider basis than Mergz may be willing to credit.  It’s one thing to look at a given meeting between these two schools and automatically chalk Florida up on the plus side, as the old mindset might very well dictate.  It’s another to look at the last four games that the Dawgs and Gators have played and contemplate that the series may be entering a new phase, with new givens.  Particularly in light of last year’s game – not because of The Celebration (surprise!), but because Georgia dominated a Florida team that for the first time in his tenure fully reflected the vision of Urban Meyer.

Which is why I find the “Tebow wasn’t 100%” line such a lame excuse (not that Mergz has ever made that argument).  First, how is it any different from what Georgia faced in the ’05 game with an injured Shockley?  More importantly, it’s part of the game, particularly the one Meyer has deliberately chosen to play by running an offense that risks so much physical contact to its quarterback.  It’s the hand that Meyer dealt; Georgia simply beat his flush with a full house last year.

So here we are today.  Both teams are highly regarded.  With a little bit of luck and perseverance, there’s a decent chance this year’s WLOCP may be the most hyped in the series’ history – which is saying a lot when you think about it.  I’m not making any predictions at present, but given the two schools’ track record since Spurrier’s departure, I do think that a Georgia win this year is likely to bring with it a reevaluation of the relative strengths of the two programs by their fans and the media.

As I’ve said before, because of that, it’s the biggest game the Dawgs and Gators have played since early in the Spurrier era.


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Richt on Chattanooga TV

Nothing earth shattering said, but he’s clearly enjoying himself these days.  And he does know when the season starts, unlike his interviewer.

[NOTE:  There’s a brief ad at the beginning of the clip.  And  you can click on the clip at any time to stop it.]

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Strange days

I don’t know which is these pictures is more disturbing –

Rey Maualuga in a thong…

… or Les Miles and Snoop Dogg showin’ the love.

I wonder if anyone had the nerve to ask Maualuga what he was thinking.

Bonus discomfort:  video of Mssrs. Dogg and Miles can be seen here.

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