Maybe it’s Tech that’s overrated.

Brent Thomas thinks Georgia is overrated as a preseason #1 in the coaches’ poll.

“I don’t understand how they can be ranked No. 1,” Thomas said. “They didn’t win their division last year. They lost to a team that didn’t go to a bowl [South Carolina]. Their big triumph was beating Haw-a-ii, who’s in the WAC.”

Who is Brent Thomas?  Brent is a freshman at Georgia Tech who may want to take a logic class.  Unless he really believes that his school, which also lost to Georgia, was a lesser opponent than the school from the WAC he mentions.


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5 responses to “Maybe it’s Tech that’s overrated.

  1. RedCrake

    That AJC article just sucked.

    The gist of all the quotes:

    Fan of hometown team proclaims, “Rival team will not be able to beat hometown team when the two teams play. Therefore, they should not be ranked #1”

    What a joke.


  2. Pierce

    that kid obviously isnt at Tech for academics. You don’t judge the future by recalling the past. What a freakin idiot, let him talk all he wants. Lets use his philosophy and judge the future by looking at the past. That means Georgia Tech will never beat Georgia again because they are 0 for the last 7.


  3. Xon

    Yeah, if the criterion for preseason #1 involves you not losing to anyone inferior the year before, then who passes that test? Noone, since, as I recall, there were no undefeated teams in DIA last year.

    This is parallel to the argument about Georgia not getting to go the championship game. A lot of people focused on their two losses (in addition to the “they didn’t win their conference” argument), which would make sense except that everybody else in serious contention ALSO had two losses.


  4. Aaron Borenstein

    This overly excessive interest in Georgia Tech probably comes from a deep seated inferiorty complex. Sure Tech can’t compete with the bland majors, and to die for coeds, but if, and when Tech hits its stride, it will be all the more sweet for Jacket fans.

    Yours truly,
    Aaron Borenstein


  5. “If” Tech hits its stride? Quite a vote of confidence in your school there, Aaron.