ESPN has a new clutch.

It’s the big meme at – clutch players, clutch teams.

Here’s Chris Low’s list of most clutch SEC players.  And here’s the top clutch guys in all of college football on Schlabach’s mind.  Notice the common name on both lists?

Now the GPOOE™ is a terrific, accomplished player, no doubt about it.  And there’s no way that Florida could function at the same high level without him.  But clutch?  Can somebody point out the win on Florida’s schedule last year that Tebow pulled out in crunch time?  The Gators’ closest wins were against Kentucky and Mississippi.    But Florida never trailed in either game after the first quarter.

I don’t recall a moment like this for Florida last year.

It looks like we’ve got ourselves a new narrative, folks.  Either that, or they’re referring to circumcisions in the Philippines over at ESPN…


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15 responses to “ESPN has a new clutch.

  1. Ally

    Where were all of the GPOOE’s clutch plays in the 4 losses he led them to last year?

    I recall the gaytors taking the lead at hte wlocp, only to lose it and the game…by 12 points. Where were his clutch plays then?

    I do however recall several players from UGA pulling some clutch plays to win games last year.

    Is the GPOOE a great player? Yes. Is he a clutch player? NO – his record in big games last season proved it.


  2. Rusi

    Maybe that is what the exercise of picking up the large tire was for?


  3. wathcer16

    haha…yes 4 losses is soooo clutch!


  4. RedCrake

    Maybe by clutch they mean his hysterical crying fits after each game. Surely that is just a ploy to get his teammates fired up for the next game?


  5. TomReagan

    Just posted over at WesterDude’s site, and I think it fits here as well:

    Matt Stafford is 8-1 against ranked teams as a starter, including a thrashing of a then #5 Auburn Tiger team at Auburn in his 6th start. He followed that up with wins over two top #15 teams with Tenuta and Foster calling defense for them.

    The next year, he leads his team to the #2 national ranking to end the season.

    Other than that, no, he’s never really shown the ability to lead a team and win games.


  6. Batdawg

    Maybe his clutch performance in the LSU game?

    Er…wait – he had a game ending interception.

    Oh, I know … it was his clutch performance versus Michigan in the bowl..

    Er…wait – he failed to produce a scoring drive on two consecutive possessions when losing in the 4th.

    Gimmie a minute here, OK?


  7. kckd

    Senator, I tried to point that out to you and few other guys over at the onlineathens forum last year after our win. That for the most part Tebow does not get it done in tight games late. For some reason, you and a few others took the other side of the argument then.

    Also, Tebow’s QB rating goes way down in the fourth quarter. For comparison, Stafford’s goes way up. Some guy blogged about that last year as well. Don’t have the numbers on me or the link, but remember reading that.


  8. eggsinbasket

    Preseason hype and that is why we read it to discuss and disagree. It will all come out clean in the wash during the 2008 season!

    Good luck and I am reading to see some jaw jacking!


  9. Florida’s losses last year…

    Auburn- Tebow gives the ball back to Auburn with plenty of time for a game-winning FG drive.
    LSU- Tebow can’t muster a game-winning drive after LSU takes the lead.
    Georgia- Potential go-ahead drive stopped on fourth, Tebow fumbles away any comeback chance on the next drive.
    Michigan- App. State drove the ball on Michigan in the crunch. Tebow did not.

    Performances in the clutch for Tebow:
    Ole Miss- Ran out the clock

    and that’s it, really.


  10. kckd

    In his defense, the fumble most certainly was not his fault. But he did over throw two wide open receivers either late in the third or early fourth that would’ve given them the lead.


  11. Senator, I tried to point that out to you and few other guys over at the onlineathens forum last year after our win. That for the most part Tebow does not get it done in tight games late. For some reason, you and a few others took the other side of the argument then.

    Here are Tebow’s situational stats; you’ll find Matt’s listed here. Skip the breakdown by quarters and go down to the end where you’ll find a breakdown based on margin of victory/loss. Tebow had a better passer rating than Matt did in every category – in fact, his rating when the Gators won by 1-7 points was his best, at 212.22. (Stafford didn’t break 155 in any category, by comparison.)

    My point isn’t that Tebow played badly in close games, as it’s pretty apparent that he did fine in that context. It’s that so far he hasn’t had the kind of moment when he’s had to reach inside himself and do something to drag his team over the finish line with a victory. That’s my definition of clutch. Obviously ESPN uses a different dictionary.


  12. kckd

    Your attacking the addendum. When we were arguing last year about this I said that Matthew was a better clutch performer because he had won in the clutch. I used the GT game of 2006, VT bowl game, Bama game and Vandy game as evidence.

    I think then your argument was that we couldn’t penalize Tebow because he hadn’t been put in that situation. Well, Espn can still make that case.


  13. I don’t remember when I made that comment to you, kckd, but it would have had to have been before the Auburn game. Tebow had opportunities to lead Florida to wins in both that game (where he did a terrific job in bringing his team back) and the LSU game, but couldn’t do it.

    So I don’t see how “ESPN can still make that case”.


  14. Darryl Strawberry

    I never email columnists, but i sent Schlabach an email regarding this. Stating the reasons Teblow isnt clutch. You know, the 9-4 record, losses in the biggest games, etc.

    His response was: “This is a prediction…”



  15. Schlabach must be channeling his inner Urban Meyer. 😉