Another know thy opponent, Tide edition

The Quad has its preseason review of #25 Alabama up.

For once, there aren’t any nifty factoids to latch onto, so I’ll just leave you with his prediction, which amounts to ‘Bama taking baby steps this season:

… However, I predict Alabama takes its first step forward this fall. This is partly because of an experienced offensive line and Wilson’s potential improvement, and, though linebacker is a concern, another strong defensive unit. Mostly, it’s because of Saban, who has done nothing on the college level to expect anything less than an at least one-win improvement over last fall. So that’s where the Countdown predicts Alabama to fall: 8-4 over all, 5-3 in conference, with a loss at Georgia and only one win out of the trio of Tennessee, L.S.U. and Auburn. In the SEC, that’s good enough for the top 25. While an 8-4 finish seems a far cry from the days of Bear Bryant, it is an even farther cry from the nadir of the Mike Shula era. More so than the other top programs on hard times, Alabama is close to a return to glory.


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