Geese and golden eggs

I may be completely off-base as to where he’s going with this post, but even if I am, this post is depressing enough as it is.  I do see a link, though.


UPDATE: Ah well, it wasn’t a metaphor for pointless marketing.  It’s about pointless marketing.  I like where I wound up better, though.


UPDATE #2: Brian Cook lets Dodd know that his math’s off.

… Your math completely ignores the biggest timing difference between college football and the NFL: on a first down, the clock stops until the chains are set and the ball is ready for play. This takes somewhere between 10 and 15 seconds — looks like 12 is a good average — and last year the average Big Ten game had 40.6 first downs. Approximately eight minutes runs of an NFL game clock that does not run off an NCAA game clock because of this rule change, which means a college game is 15% longer than an NFL game because of this rule’s effect*. 72 is 115% of 62.76: virtually the entire difference the length of pro and college games is explained here.

Fine, but it’s the underlying attitude here that gives me the willies.  Math or no math, there’s absolutely no reason that college football needs to be remaking itself to be more like the NFL on the field.  I’m not a big Dennis Dodd fan by any means, but he’s raised a legit concern here.


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  1. Okay, so where did you think the post on P&G going. Now I am curious as to what I missed.