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That cover thing – Georgia makes #1 at Sports Illustrated

And there’s this quote, courtesy of the AJ-C:

“Go ahead. Try to find a weakness. … Look closely for the chink in the armor of the team that features a third-year starter at quarterback (Matthew Stafford), possibly the second coming of Herschel Walker (sophomore Knowshon Moreno), one of the nation’s best linebacker tandems (Dannell Ellerbe and Rennie Curran)…


UPDATE: Groo has a good point about the whole cover-jinx thingy.



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George Haffner was a visionary.

This sarcasm laced post did make me wonder about something:  what did offensive coordinators do exactly in the era before it became important to get “the ball in the hands of your playmakers”?  Let the offensive guards run the ball?

Give this man the ball - what a radical idea.


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“It sucks we can’t get a practice squad out here that we can hit on.”

Sounds like South Carolina’s practice yesterday was a gas, gas, gas.

The biggest hit of South Carolina’s preseason camp came in a non-contact drill Monday night, knocking receiver Moe Brown out of practice and prompting Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier to rip into his defense and cut the workout short.

Linebacker Eric Norwood’s hit on Brown in a 7-on-7 “skeleton” passing drill triggered a scuffle between a few offensive and defensive players and caused Spurrier to kick the defense out of the remainder of the drill.

A short time later, Spurrier made the entire team run for 10 minutes and ended practice, which was not a full-pads workout, before the 11-on-11 period.

Spurrier was upset with both the hit, which resulted in a bruised hip for Brown, and the fact that a few defensive players reacted by giggling about the play.

“We don’t do that in pass skel. It’s not going to be offense versus defense as long as I’m coach. We’re going to learn to practice against each other the right way, protect your teammates. I’ve always believed in that and always will,” Spurrier said.

“You practice against each other. You don’t try to beat each other up. We had some bad collisions in a non-contact drill. So we’re not going to do that. And then the worst part, we’ve got giggling little guys that think a hit like that’s cute. That was the worst part, the gigglers.”

The best quote comes from one of Norwood’s linebacker cohorts, though.  Talking about the OBC, Dustin Lindsey had this to say:

“He loves his wide receivers. That’s all he’s about,” Lindsey said. “He’s a quarterback, wide receiver guy…”

Quick, somebody get Phil Fulmer a pad and pencil so he can take notes for the recruiting trail…


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Mark Bradley, behavioral theorist

Your daily dose of sanctimony from Mark Bradley:

… Still, Richt needs to grasp that current events have swung public perception against his brand of gentle prodding. It would be a shame if Georgia’s first national championship since 1980 gets lumped with Florida State’s 1993 triumph (remember the Foot Locker raid?) and Nebraska’s 1995 crown (remember Lawrence Phillips?) as tarnished titles. This is too sound a program, and Richt too good a man, for that to happen.

Richt said he has “already read [his players] the riot act” and is considering rendering downtown Athens off-limits. But will that be enough to halt the run of late-night distress calls to this increasingly frustrated coach?

Look, I’m certainly not defending what occurred, but most of what’s happened in the offseason has been alcohol related.  The truly serious offense – Michael Lemon’s assault – has been dealt with by outright dismissal from the team and the school.  Surely that’s as firm a punishment as could be doled out to the player.  As for the rest of the misbehavior, Bradley seems to indicate that Richt isn’t being tough enough with his choice of suspensions and internal discipline.

So, I’m just curious what Bradley would suggest as a new, improved course of action for a kid caught in public with a beer in his hand, or too many in his system.  Public stocks?  Tasering the little darlings any time they don’t follow the law?  Caning?  Because if he’s got something that would seriously reduce underage drinking, he’s wasting his talents as a newspaper hack.


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My gawd, a freshman.

Let the AJ Green frenzy commence.

The Red and Black blog, Sanford Knows Best, has some clips of the freshman WR’s first day of practice here.

And Chris Low got a early look at Green as well, as he relates here.

His teammates are already impressed.

“He’s got size. He’s got speed. He can go get it. He can do a little bit of everything,” junior cornerback Asher Allen said. “It’s really up to him how good he can be. In shorts, he’s the real deal.”

Urban Meyer already knows what Green will do this year.

… Green said Florida was the most aggressive in coming after him after he committed to Georgia.

“I wasn’t going anywhere else,” he said. “I knew this was the right place for me.”


UPDATE: Chip Towers adds more fuel to the fire.


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Bruce Feldman ♥ Brannan Southerland

From his 10 best kept secrets in college football list:

10. Brannan Southerland, Georgia FB: A buzz saw of a blocker who also is a pretty good short-yardage back, Southerland helped pave the way to a great debut season by UGA phenom Knowshon Moreno. Rival coaches wince as they watch Southerland take defenders off their feet time and time again in scouting sessions. His toughness and technique also can get into a lot of defenders’ heads and slow them down before they even try to make a play. It will be interesting to see just how much the Dawgs miss the 240-pound senior who had offseason foot surgery and will be sidelined until midseason.

In case you need video evidence…


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