Bruce Feldman ♥ Brannan Southerland

From his 10 best kept secrets in college football list:

10. Brannan Southerland, Georgia FB: A buzz saw of a blocker who also is a pretty good short-yardage back, Southerland helped pave the way to a great debut season by UGA phenom Knowshon Moreno. Rival coaches wince as they watch Southerland take defenders off their feet time and time again in scouting sessions. His toughness and technique also can get into a lot of defenders’ heads and slow them down before they even try to make a play. It will be interesting to see just how much the Dawgs miss the 240-pound senior who had offseason foot surgery and will be sidelined until midseason.

In case you need video evidence…


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6 responses to “Bruce Feldman ♥ Brannan Southerland

  1. dean

    I’m going to miss Brannan myself. I love watching the guy when he’s on the field. He’s always looking for someone to hit even when he’s carrying the ball.


  2. Bop

    I think he’s the best FB in UGA history (Mack Strong the only one close to him imo).

    Follow me here…I really think had Georgia beaten Vandy and UK in ’06 to have 11 wins, Southerland would have gotten much more love nationally and would this year be attempting to be a 3-time All-American (joining 34 and 47). Georgia has been blessed with the best FB in the nation the last few years.


  3. han

    He was easily the best FB two years ago with his offensive numbers off the charts. Good call, Bop.



    something I’ve been wondering… Did you see on that film how the offensive lineman held Brown in the air after the TD. That seemed to happen after every rushing TD. Was that coached or did the players just say- were doing it?


  5. Velasco and Brown did that after every Brown TD. I will miss that little celebration.

    Regarding Southerland… I think he is the best all around football player on our team and he will be sorely missed in the beginning. I will look forward to his full-speed return.


  6. According to Southerland himself via the AJC he’s hoping to be back a couple weeks ahead of schedule. Lord knows we’ll need him for ASU and SCar if he’s at all able to play.

    I’ve also heard he holds records in powercleans and squats for a UGA player…anyone know anything more about this?