“It sucks we can’t get a practice squad out here that we can hit on.”

Sounds like South Carolina’s practice yesterday was a gas, gas, gas.

The biggest hit of South Carolina’s preseason camp came in a non-contact drill Monday night, knocking receiver Moe Brown out of practice and prompting Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier to rip into his defense and cut the workout short.

Linebacker Eric Norwood’s hit on Brown in a 7-on-7 “skeleton” passing drill triggered a scuffle between a few offensive and defensive players and caused Spurrier to kick the defense out of the remainder of the drill.

A short time later, Spurrier made the entire team run for 10 minutes and ended practice, which was not a full-pads workout, before the 11-on-11 period.

Spurrier was upset with both the hit, which resulted in a bruised hip for Brown, and the fact that a few defensive players reacted by giggling about the play.

“We don’t do that in pass skel. It’s not going to be offense versus defense as long as I’m coach. We’re going to learn to practice against each other the right way, protect your teammates. I’ve always believed in that and always will,” Spurrier said.

“You practice against each other. You don’t try to beat each other up. We had some bad collisions in a non-contact drill. So we’re not going to do that. And then the worst part, we’ve got giggling little guys that think a hit like that’s cute. That was the worst part, the gigglers.”

The best quote comes from one of Norwood’s linebacker cohorts, though.  Talking about the OBC, Dustin Lindsey had this to say:

“He loves his wide receivers. That’s all he’s about,” Lindsey said. “He’s a quarterback, wide receiver guy…”

Quick, somebody get Phil Fulmer a pad and pencil so he can take notes for the recruiting trail…


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5 responses to ““It sucks we can’t get a practice squad out here that we can hit on.”

  1. baltimore dawg

    “giggling little guys”. . . . i love that. can we only refer to the sc defense this year as “the giggling little guys” (or the “glg crew,” if you prefer)?


  2. dean

    Sounds like there’s a little wedge between the defense and Spurrier.


  3. UgaMatt

    I can’t help but think of the story that came out of DC that Spurrier didn’t even know some of the defensive player’s names. Typical Ol’ Shinny Pants…no one lay a finger on his precious QB or receivers.


  4. NebraskaDawg

    How about the “Giggle Cocks” or “Chicken Giggles”.


  5. Tangweasel

    “Giggle Cocks” !!!! Okay Nebraska, I am going to have a lot of fun with that one. We have a few Giggle Cock fans here at work.