That cover thing – Georgia makes #1 at Sports Illustrated

And there’s this quote, courtesy of the AJ-C:

“Go ahead. Try to find a weakness. … Look closely for the chink in the armor of the team that features a third-year starter at quarterback (Matthew Stafford), possibly the second coming of Herschel Walker (sophomore Knowshon Moreno), one of the nation’s best linebacker tandems (Dannell Ellerbe and Rennie Curran)…


UPDATE: Groo has a good point about the whole cover-jinx thingy.


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12 responses to “That cover thing – Georgia makes #1 at Sports Illustrated

  1. Well, that’s it. We’re f&%$ed.

    Last one out, turn off the lights. Been a fun offseason, everybody, I’ll see you in January.


  2. Jim

    No one can say I am not one of the biggest Georgia fans but no weaknesses? Try re-watching all of the games from last year. Both the defensive and offensive coordinators need to get better and more consistent. Strafford is good but needs to be more consistent. I hope we go undefeated but who knows. Regardless of all these ranking, we have to win the games to be No. One. Nothing has changed in that aspect.


  3. Ally

    According to the guys at Sanford Knows Best blog, the Dawgs are not the only ones who have the pleasure of being on the SI cover.

    Tebow & Co. apparently garnered the 2nd one. Shocking, I know. Maybe they’re doing regional covers?

    Whatever, at least if we’re cursed they’re marked with the beast as well 😉


  4. Hobnail_Boot

    There’s 5 regional covers: UGA, anOSU, USC, Mizzou, and UF.


  5. KG

    Regional covers? Aren’t Georgia and Florida in pretty much the same region? I’d like to see how these “regions” are defined.


  6. C - Dawg

    what kind of shoes does staff have on


  7. G Man

    Go Dawgs!


  8. sUGArdaddy

    Stafford’s shoes are the Air Zoom Super Bad II by Nike. Not many guys wear them. Of course, he’s super bad, so he’s allowed to.

    Man, it sure looks good to see all that red on the cover. All I can think is how good those unis look and how much those 3 guys look like winners. KG and the Celtics were on the cover for the NBA preview. That worked out well. Let’s hope for the same here. Go Dawgs! Beat Georgia Southern!


  9. The boys look great and I’m glad Matthew Stafford is wearing sensible shoes, but I still like UGA V’s SI Mascot of the Year cover better. In fact, it’s framed and hanging on my family room wall. Damn good dog.


  10. Been a fun offseason, everybody, I’ll see you in January.

    Hopefully for a BCS bowl!

    I recall LSU on the ’06 cover with speculations about their schedule. That year turned out pretty OK for them (not the greatest, but worthwhile anyway).


  11. Oh, crap. Hadn’t seen this – the ultimate jinx…


  12. chuck haffner

    beat florida lately? beat anyone lately? when george haffner was there they beat florida 8 out of 10 times! good luck uga.