More college football breakfast tidbits

Throw a little fruit on these and they’ll go down good.

  • I don’t know about you, but one thing I don’t want to hear about my team’s new offensive scheme when they’re breaking in a new quarterback and a new offensive coordinator is that it’s “complicated”.
  • More disrespect for the coaches poll – you know it’s bad when Al Groh is cited as a role model.
  • Good grief. I can’t wait to hear about the first sub-four-second forty.
  • This is funny as hell.  And don’t forget, they’ve already got the rings for it.
  • It looks like ESPN is following the lead of the media in the rankings game:  Georgia is number one in its first power poll, but at his SEC blog, Chris Low has the Dawgs behind the Gators.   What I don’t get about Low’s rankings is this:  If Florida and Georgia swapped schedules, I’d probably have the Bulldogs No. 1 in the power rankings.” I thought power polls were about the teams’ relative strengths, not how they’d hold up against their schedules.
  • Ah, the life of a back-up long snapper.
  • “I used bad judgment in being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I’ve learned from my mistake.” Sure, Jimbo, sure.
  • As college football careers go, this is a pretty short one.

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