Non-practice Georgia bits

There’s plenty of stuff out there to read about how the first two days have gone so far – just hit many of the Dawg links on the right side of the page to find out – so here’s some other matters to check out.

  • You know you’re gonna get a fair shake on perspective when two guys at The Bleacher Report, one a Florida grad, the other born in Gainesville, Florida and a current student at Clemmins, post a couple of pieces on the Georgia program.  And you’d be right.
  • Michael Lemon has been suspended from the University for a year, but can make it back if he meets certain conditions.  Let’s hope this kid gets it together, football or no football.
  • I’m sorry, but this story is just a little strange.  Evidently the kids thought so, too:  Henke said he accessed the computer to see if indeed Harrison was a pro player and his story checked out.  (h/t Hedge Clippings)
  • You had to figure Deadspin would get in on last week’s activities, and so it does.  I have to admit this is a pretty funny line about an unfortunate situation: Public urination? Please. This was merely Henson’s artistic statement on the value of mortgages held by Athens’ banks.


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11 responses to “Non-practice Georgia bits

  1. peacedog

    Were you being sarcastic regarding the second Bleacher Report piece? He originally posted that Knowshon rumor bullshit, and while he’s apparently removed it he’s saying in the comments it’s true, it’s a big deal because it’s a star player, yadda yadda yadda.

    What a hack.


  2. pd, I guess I need to plant my tongue more firmly in my cheek.

    For the record, I’ve got a low regard for most of what gets posted over at BR.


  3. peacedog

    I wasn’t sure. 😛

    I thought the first article was actually somewhat reasonable, which sort of made the issue more confusing. So did my general not-awake-yet-ness (which tends to fade about 10:30am).

    I almost wandered over to point out that Knowshon was not ever actually sent home, but then I realize that doing so would knock 10 points off my IQ and didn’t bother.


  4. I wasn’t impressed with the first article, either.

    Urban Meyer wouldn’t stoop to something like The Celebration, we are assured, because he is “an old school guy. Thanks to growing up in Ohio, he’s a disciple of Woody Hayes…” Sure. You bet.

    It’s not like Hayes would ever pull something like charging onto the field, right?


  5. peacedog

    Well, yeah, that bit was ludicrous. I want to give the guy some credit because he tried to point out the celebration wasn’t exactly some sort of game & season defining moment. I sort of filtered out the obvious Meyer-worship in that part.


  6. Senator, you got to the Hayes thing before I could. I guess if Urban Meyer is such a faithful follower of the Woody Way, that means we can expect him to clock Dannell Ellerbe at some point during this year’s game, no? (At which point Franz Beard will write a 1,000-word column about how it was the only fair thing to do after the end-zone celebration last year, and praising Meyer for bringing a howitzer to a gun fight, or something like that.)


  7. mdr

    LOL. I wish he would hit Ellerbee. Now, THAT would make for an entertaining game. 😉


  8. While we’re on the subject of stunts that certain coaches would never pull, I wonder if Meyer learned this one from Hayes or Bruce.


  9. dean

    Loved the comments from Jimson:

    In the second article the guy says Richt dismissed Baldwin from the team. Did I miss that somewhere? That’s the first I heard of a dismissal. The last I heard he was suspended indefinitely but still on the team.


  10. dean

    Opps. That second paragraph shouldn’t have been in italics.


  11. Urban has more class in his pinkie sized … errr… pinkie than our whole program. He motivates in the “old school” way… like this instance:

    “That’s also one reason Meyer doesn’t shy away from taking jabs at rivals, like when he refers to BYU as the team down south or when he has BYU stickers placed in Utah’s urinals the week of the game.”

    “He also had players stomp on BYU jerseys before the game and had BYU stickers placed in locker room urinals.”

    Come on guys, you know that is way classier than dancing in the end zone.