They can’t do that to our pledges… only we can.

For all of you crying out about the exploitation of college football student athletes, the Dream League Football Association may be just what you’re looking for.

… The DLFA shall hold an open market player selection draft in March of each year, as well as, a supplemental player selection draft on a date subject to future announcement. The DLFA shall have both a soft and a hard salary cap. For further salary cap related details, please see full story at: BFNN Sports.

Players in the DLFA must be at least 18 years of age, possess a high school diploma or have a G.E.D. equivalent.

Its mission statement is simple.

Says Billy D. Hawkins, CEO of Citizens Capital, “six years ago we formed the outlines of the DLFA as we under took a military review of the lay of the land as it stood in both professional and collegiate football. Combined with this we have a very unique perspective. In 1973, I was present as a fan in San Antonio to personally eye witness the arrival and rise of the then ABA’s Spurs franchise. I saw George Gervin; Dr. J; Moses Malone; George McGinnis; Artis Gilmore; James Silas; David Thompson; Larry Kenon and Super John Williamson, as young professionals five years before the rest of the world ever got a glimpse. There was no national or regional television broadcast, no ESPN, no TNT and no internet at the time, today the landscape has changed. Also, I personally experienced the plight of the “athlete-student” as a scholarship, college football player. These experiences left a deep impression upon me. Today, as a businessman, the timing is appropriate to step in with a new product amongst the existing climate of greed, arrogance and comfort.[Emphasis added.]

In other words, if the colleges can exploit these kids, why not us?

Billy D. Hawkins wants to do a little bidness with 18 year olds.

Billy D. Hawkins wants to do a little bidness with 18 year olds.

This should be fun to watch.



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4 responses to “They can’t do that to our pledges… only we can.

  1. peacedog

    I can;t tell if he’s:

    1) Being so bold that he’s bragging about another product that’s all about greed, possibly gaining my respect for being so bold


    2) Trying to trick me into thinking his product is somehow different. And better. and just may cure cancer if we give it a gosh-darn chance.

    He failed either way, but never mind.


  2. I’m still trying to figure out why it was necessary to take a “military review” of football.

    Unless he’s planning on cutting a deal with the service academies… 😉


  3. They already do something very similar with basketball….one could argue the same for the independent minor league baseball teams as well (like the league featured in playing for peanuts, of which I had a cousin playing in)


  4. cousinwalter

    Weird. I thought Arsenio Hall was dead.