Random morning tidbits

Once more into the breach, dear friends.  Here are a few things worth your brief attention, at least:

  • Joel at Rocky Top Talk has run an entertaining series on school logos.  One thing’s apparent from his “20 Coolest” post – there’s a direct correlation between how cool the logo and how lame the program is.  For the most part, that’s one mediocre bunch.  (He ranked Georgia’s in the boring category, in case you’re wondering.)
  • I don’t know what struck me as stranger here, the lawsuit or a blog devoted to “video game law”.
  • If you’re interested in the journey that suspended Florida lineman Ronnie “You Can Call Me Ron Now” Wilson made to get back on the field, here are some details.  As you might surmise, some Gator bloggers have a few choice thoughts about the post.  (By the way, if you’ve got thirteen minutes of your life in the near future that you don’t mind wasting, there’s a podcast with Franz Beard here, where you can listen to him ramble on about Wilson for a while.)
  • AOL FanHouse’s Pete Holiday thinks Georgia led the SEC in one category last year – ridiculousity.
  • You know you want to read about it:  More A. J. Green porn here and here.
  • Over at Saurian Sagacity, Mergz has a few thoughts about the preseason IT factor.
  • And while we’re on the subject of correlations, if you think there’s some linkage between a coach’s ego and the number of pages in a school’s media guide devoted to said coach, you won’t be disappointed in whom Pat Forde finds ranked #1 and #2 in the SEC, per this handy chart (h/t Dawgbone):

SEC Coaches By The Numbers

Here’s a breakdown of the 12 SEC coaches heading into the 2008 season. Note: The salaries came from various media reports.

Coach Media Guide Bio On The Cover? Record Pct. Bowl Record 2008 Salary
Rich Brooks, Kentucky 3 pages Yes 116-144-4 .447 3-3 $1.1M
Sylvester Croom, Miss. State 6 pages Yes 17-30 .362 1-0 $1.7M
Phillip Fulmer, Tennessee 4 pages Yes 147-45 .766 8-7 $2.6M
Bobby Johnson, Vanderbilt 5 pages No 20-50 .286 0-0 $1M
Urban Meyer, Florida 11 pages No 70-16 .814 4-1 $3.4M
Les Miles, LSU 6 pages No 62-27 .697 4-2 $3.751M
Houston Nutt, Mississippi 6 pages Yes 80-54 .597 2-5 $1.7M
Bobby Petrino, Arkansas 4 pages Yes 41-9 .820 2-2 $2.85M
Mark Richt, Georgia 3 pages No 72-19 .809 5-2 $2.8M
Nick Saban, Alabama 8 pages No 98-48-1 .670 5-5 $3.75M
Steve Spurrier, S. Carolina 6 pages Yes 163-56-2 .742 7-7 $1.75M
Tommy Tuberville, Auburn 7 pages Yes 105-53 .666 6-3 $2.8M


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10 responses to “Random morning tidbits

  1. The most surprising thing of all…Spurrier’s salary. I guess I just assumed he would have thrown around a clip board and visor and convinced SC to pay him a similar amount to Urban Meyer at FL. Was Spurrier’s stock so far down from his dismal failure in the NFL that he’d come back to college ball on the lower end of the pay scale in the SEC?


  2. peacedog

    Is the Urban Meyer bio a choose-your-own-adventure? That would be awesome if true.


  3. NebraskaDawg

    6 of Urban’s 11 pages are love letters and cutsie heart drawings (with arrows) about Timmy and how they spend time at the beach and tanning bed. 3 more pages are about saving innocent Gators like Ronnie Wilson who are really good kids and need several chances.


  4. UgaMatt

    Yes AceG8tor, an 11 page bio would also constitute part of Urban’s “act”. What a self-promoting blowhard. He totally has a career in politics ahead of hime.


  5. dean

    Not to devillianize (is that a word?) Spurrier but when he was hired at USuCk he took less money so he could pay his assistants more. Honestly it was a pretty classy move by the man. I can’t believe I just said that. Anyway I don’t think it’s about the money for Spurrier anymore. In my opinion he took the Carolina job to patch the wounds in his ego, which had been demolished in Washington. However I don’t think this project has gone according to plan.


  6. Ally

    I don’t think Spurrier’s move to divy up his own salary was about being classy or about sacrifice as much as it was about being desperate. He knew he HAD to pump up the salaries of assistants in order to attract good ones to the armpit of South Carolina. What other choice did he have? Especially if winning that elusive SECC (or any championship, finishing better than 4th in the SEC East, etc.) is still the goal. It still is, right?


  7. dean

    If I’m remembering it right he decided to share the wealth when he was hired so I don’t think he was desperate then. If it were recently then yea I would say he’s desperate. And classy may not have been the best word to describe it but I thought it was a stand-up move by a guy that is typically anything but.

    I don’t know if you heard Spurrier’s comments at the media days (I think) or not but he said winning the SECC is still the goal but he doesn’t know if he’s the coach to do it or not. That’s not the SOS we know and hate.


  8. Ally

    True – it was a stand up thing to do. I remember him making a big deal about how the assistants deserved to be paid more, especially when compared to their peers in the league.

    But I still think there was an air of desperation. Desperation and SCUm go hand in hand. Spurrier was not used to losing and has tried damn near everything to keep from losing at SCUm so far, including divying up his own salary for the assistants when SCUm couldn’t afford to pay them what they’re worth. At the time, it just screamed desperation to me.

    And yes, I nearly fainted when I heard those words come out of his mouth. Guess he’s finally seeing what people have been telling him for years – even SOS can’t win in columbia.


  9. KG

    Why is Fulmer on the cover? What’s the title? “The Last Year for Krispy Kreme???”

    Wow, Tubberville has a big ego for no Natty Titles. Bigger than Spurrier despite what . . . 5 fewer SEC titles and one less National Title???

    5 pages on Bobby Johnson? So if you talk about all his success and big wins what do the last 4 1/2 pages focus on? His favorite movies?


  10. Dean,

    Thanks for the clarification. That makes me hate him a little LESS.