“I worry about that and so does Percy…”

I love watching Percy Harvin play – one game a year excepted, of course – so I’m sorry to see that there’s been a bit of a setback in his rehab from his heel surgery.

But it’s weird to see this question asked of another Gator offensive player.

One thing that’s noticeably different about Harvin this year is that he’s weighing more than 200 pounds and looks like an NFL running back. Can he take that kind of pounding, if the Gators choose to hand him the ball even more this season?

Where have we heard this before?  These guys are beginning to sound like a collection of the most fragile players in the history of college football.

It’s dicey enough that even Meyer himself can’t predict the future on this.

“You look at him now, and he’s a solid, strong guy,” Meyer said. “I think he’s that good, and I think he’s that competitive. Is he that durable? I don’t know that yet.”


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7 responses to ““I worry about that and so does Percy…”

  1. NebraskaDawg

    If Florida loses any games or has any injuries, it will all be the “celebrations” fault becuase Georgia is classless.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    He’s durable so long as The Liberian Dream isn’t on the field.


  3. chefboyardee

    I thought it was “Liberian Nightmare” … or is that only to his opponents ?


  4. Percy appears to have come down with what we’ll call “Thomas Brown Disease,” that is…dude’s guns are too big for his own good.

    (no offense, Thomas)


  5. Perhaps due to all the hype Harvin has gotten pretty much since he set foot in Gainesville, I found it more than a little surprising that he’s scored a total of 15 rushing/receiving TD’s in his first two years. Anyone care to guess what current Bulldog had the exact same number after his first two years? I’ll give you a hint: It’s Brannan Southerland. Show the FB some love, national media!


  6. NM

    So which Florida offensive star will be pointed to, stared at, and finally named “Fragilest Player of Our Era”?


  7. Jim

    Senator, Did Mr. Street make his pronouncement on our pending demise?