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Did Tebow design these?

I haven’t started watching the Olympics just yet, but fortunately, ESPN.com’s Pat Forde has.

• The 10 worst-dressed teams:

1. Denmark. Jean shorts. JEAN SHORTS?! This isn’t Gainesville, Fla.; this is the Olympics.

Well played, sir.

not just for Gators anymore.  (Photo courtesy Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Jorts: not just for Gators anymore. (Photo courtesy Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)



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More “it’s not in their heads” stuff

Chris Low spends some time at Florida’s media day and hears a certain subject come up more than a few times.

* The Nov. 1 Georgia game came up more than once Friday, and most of the Florida players did their best to bite their tongues.

But not everybody was completely diplomatic about the Bulldogs’ celebration in the end zone last season after scoring their first touchdown.

“I know our program would never do anything like,” sophomore center Maurkice Pouncey said. “But that’s the difference between us and them. If that’s what their program is based on, doing stuff like that, that’s their deal. I know our program would never do anything like that, especially with Coach Meyer here.”

Ain’t that the truth.

By the way, on that “especially with Coach Meyer here” stuff, check out something Bruce Feldman had to say that pretty much sums up the whole debate on how people see Meyer:

Feldman: I got a few dozen e-mails about Meyer’s decision to let Wilson back on the team this week. I gotta admit, I’m pretty surprised. I hope Wilson takes advantage of this latest chance.

If you love Urban Meyer, you think he’s a warm and decent man, not to mention a great coach. If you don’t, you think he’s a hypocrite for this and his talk about taking the top one percent of one percent rings very hollow. I do know this, Meyer has really stuck his neck out for Wilson by letting him come back and represent the program, whether it be as a walk-on or not. That’s still a privilege and Meyer will now be linked to Wilson, for better or worse. In a way I think the best case scenario for Florida on this one is if Wilson gets beat out on the D-line and never proves to have much impact, but goes on to graduate and becomes a guy who can be held up as someone who finally saw the light.


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Perhaps it’s just me.

It may just be the libertarian in me, but I don’t get the general response to this story.

If you see Ohio offensive lineman Mike Eynon around campus this week, shake his hand and give him a pat on the back. He is the luckiest man in Athens after winning the second tier of the Ohio Lottery Mega Millions, worth $250,000.

After taxes, Eynon will receive $172,500.

The NCAA views the lottery as a game of chance (such as a raffle) and winning it is not in violation of any rules.

“I talked to coach (Jason) Grooms, to make sure this was okay,” Eynon said. “They cleared it all up and said it was fine.”

Hmm.  Last time I looked a “game of chance” = gambling.  So how come the NCAA isn’t up in arms about this?  And how come people aren’t up in arms because the NCAA isn’t up in arms about this?  Could it be because the lottery is government sponsored (and the profits get plowed into higher education)?  Because I doubt everyone would be so sanguine if Eynon had won the same amount of money shooting craps in Vegas.

So I don’t get the logic here.  And before you jump my case for overreacting to this, consider the current debate over beer advertising on telecasts of NCAA sporting events, where the NCAA is being admonished for being insufficiently pure on the subject.  How is this vice any different?


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